Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Music Monday Ride...Like Six Flags, but Different

This Music Monday is gonna be a little different, a little weird, a little loud, a lotta me.

Most people may not like this playlist, but for the most part, this is for me. It shows my emotions & my personality (& my sense of humor). If you do not like dirty songs, or foul language, don't listen to this. Some of these songs just crack me the hell up. Like everyone else, though, I'm not always up. I live on an emotional roller coaster.

Music makes a big difference to my mood & therefore my life. It helps to soothe me, makes me happy, lets me be silly, makes me cry, lets me yell in rage while in traffic (thank you Dope!), & then soothes me again.

Welcome to my roller coaster.

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I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Peace & Love.


  1. Never forget you truly are cool all I needed to see to confirm your level of coolness was multiple cake & Bloodhound Gang songs and the brazen boldness to give props to DETACHABLE PENIS which I feel is one of the most underrated songs of the decade so kudos to you

  2. Nice playlist! I clicked the pop-out player so I can listen while I surf.:)


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