Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bikes, Buses, & Walkers, Oh My!

When I was younger, it was cool to walk to ride our bikes. It meant that we were grown up enough to do these things on our own. The joy of walking from point A to Point B without supervision was an awesome thing. Riding our bikes was even more freeing (until I fell).

Then I was old enough to drive & that didn't happen so much anymore. Then driving was the bestest thing ever! We could go even further distances unsupervised (& we did!).

When did it happen that I actually started to pity the people who are seen still walking or biking to Point B. It's not only me, I'm sure (I hope). I look at the people without cars & it's like an L magically appears on their forehead.

What the hell is wrong with me? They're the ones getting exercise every day (while others do it on their treadmills & stationary bikes~don't they know they're getting nowhere?!), saving money on the million dollars per gallon gasoline (while we're loading up our very thirsty guzzlers). They can actually see the new buildings that have gone up around where I grew up as I whizz by in the car (barely missing them cuz they need to get the hell out of the street).

And the bus?! I've never used one for every day travel, so I'm extremely spoiled & snotty on that count! Poor shmoes getting where they need to be for cheap...& being chauffeured. Hmmm...Mike! We need a physical tour of bus-dom, please! (You'll love Mike's stories!)

Has it always been like this? Is it just our generation? Is it just me? (You bastards~not you Holly~yelling at the bicyclists better not just say it's me!)

Please give me your feedback.

Peace & Love


  1. I've never been on a bus (Well, besides a school bus). Hmmm....Maybe I should do that soon.

    I also want a bike but only because one of the cool parents up the street has one. That's all.

    Oh, and I don't care to drive anymore. I wish that I could snap my fingers and magically appear to my destination.

    Ok, and have you ever seen those cars with busted out windows (plastic covering the window)? Well, if I had one of those cars.....I would rather walk.

    Just sayin'

  2. Me too! I'm not 16 anymore & I hate driving! I drive over 100 mi a day & I hate it! Maybe we should be working on transporters or something!

  3. Ok, a transporter would be pretty cool but ya know what would be even better???

    One of those things like in Star Trek or The Jetsons. Just tell it what you want to eat and BAM there it pops out.

    That's what I'm talkin' about...

  4. How fat would we, as a people, be then!? The only reason I don't eat some things now is cuz I'd have to make them!

  5. I do it all the time. I scream at bikers to move the f*ck outta my way! LOL But I remember how I used to pretend my bike was a car when I was kid. I loved riding it. I wonder how many people were in their cars screaming at me.

    For some reason buses make me think of STD's. Don't ask.

    And walking is crazy talk. I gots a car!

  6. I haven't been on a bus since I high school or any form of public transportation for that matter.

    As for cyclists, I think 2 things when I see them
    1. Man, I wish I could be burning those calories
    2. Get the hell out of the road, this is my lane.

  7. I live in a college town, so there are bicyclists everywhere. And I HATE them. They never follow the rules, run stop signs all the damn time, just grrr.

    Plus, they remind me I'm killing the planet. Oh well, I like my comfy car.

  8. I guess it's not just me! My sis said it's a So Cal mentality. She says in No Cal it's the opposite.

  9. Oh don't get me started!!! LOL!

  10. I have never been on a public bus...ever...kind of scared.


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