Friday, November 13, 2009

"Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match"

We've all done this for a friend, " I know someone perfect for you!" (At least all of the women have. ) When you've been out of the game for the last decade, like I have, this is your chance to date vicariously through other people! (No, I am not unhappy in my marriage & neither do I ever actually want to enter the dating game again.)

I know this is a female thing. I know this. (The hubby will be surprised, & maybe a little pleased, that I do actually have more than one female bone in my body!)

I have the strongest desire to be a matchmaker right now, but I'm doing my best to stay out of it. I think I have found the most perfect couple. Granted, I barely know one of them, but from what I do know, I think it makes them perfect! One of them is fabulous & doesn't realize it & the other would compliment them perfectly(& is seemingly fab in their own right).

Is there anyone that any of you have matched up? Does it work?? Tell me your tales!

Call me Cupid...Kim Wannabe-Cupid. (Yes, it's hyphenated.)

If you have guessed who either of these people are, just keep it to yourself. I'm behaving & not naming names.


  1. I did accidentally. A friend of mine met a friend of my husband's at our wedding. They've been married like forever!

  2. That is so awesome! I've got my fingers crossed that I can do it!

  3. You better not be talking about me!! LOL!!

    People are always trying to set me up...i've met some great guys, but obviously it never worked out. And i've met some real losers too. I think of the two people who you have mind are up for it, then play cupid! It can't hurt, right??

  4. I agree! Play cupid. Just do a dinner at the house and make it so it's not really a "set up" but a hang out kind of thing. We've done it. It didn't work out but right after that my friend got lucky. :)

  5. Nicole! I would love to play matchmaker w/you...if only you were closer or I knew people by you!

    Gena, I'm hoping for exactly that. If it works, I'd be thrilled. If not, I'm hoping that they at least become friends & it gives them (so hard not to name names!) the push they need.


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