Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Got the Job!

Everyone has been so wonderful in supporting me & I sooo very much appreciate it! As you can see from the title, yes, I did get the job! I just need to wait for some security stuff to go through & my tushy will be a-workin!

I am soo excited, y'all would not believe it! I mean, who wants to go to work? I do! I have been so stressed out that this actually made me want to cry because I was so relieved that I got it. I assure you, I acted manly & did not shed a tear, but I wanted to so badly! (I'm saving my tears for when I truly need them~who wants to watch PS...I Love You with me?)

I love everyone who crossed everything for me & luckily y'all can now walk without walking into the wall, pee without going on your shoes, & other stuff I'm sure your significant others have cursed me for. Your hands, legs, eyes & everything else are free!!! Ok ready? And one & stretch and 2 & stretch.

I will be an accounting clerk. Me? Quit laughing at me, you jerks! (Still love you.) Yes, I have the most wonderful opportunity to learn something new. I don't know if you can tell cuz I hide my feelings so well, but I am thrilled. I practically did the happy dance on the phone! Not a pretty sight, but none of you were there, so it doesn't matter (& pls don't try to picture that!).

Again, I just want to thank you all for your support & for listening to my bitching & moaning about being broke. I am still broke, but I'm going to be working my way out of that!
Peace & Love
**Froggy is from Animation Playhouse & I love it!


  1. Hey it's Whatakicker!
    Congradulations!!!!!!! and woo hoo all that :)
    I am now standing with my legs so far apart it seems like I'm airing out my ballsack, hah! U thought I was gonna say something else :p

    and one more thing Whatawonderful Thanksgiving gift for you!

    Sherri Sherri


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