Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Food & Love

So far I'm having the bestest food birfday ever! So far, my birthday has lasted 5 days, & I've been taken out (or just fed) 5 times. And believe you me, I'm am enjoying it immensely! Unfortunately, my pants are not. Fat & happy? Yeah, not so much... I am loving the food though!! And the best food of it all comes tomorrow! I'm soo excited (for the food)!

That's not entirely true! While I love the food, I love my family too. I am grateful to them for just being them. I just hope they bring some goodies. I heard that my cousin's wife is making different batches of cookies & I'm hoping that means that we're getting some good stuff!

Wow, is this a total fat-girl post or what?! All about the food!

I truly am thankful for my friends & family (for helping in making me the fat-ass I am today) for always being there when they are needed & loving me unconditionally.

My friends (in my head) include you loonies who come here to read whatever nonsense I have spouted on any given day. Y'all are wonderful! They also include my Twitter & Momdot friends, whom I adore. (I am in a pseudo-fight right now, just to give Gena someone to argue with, & enjoying the hell out of myself!) My pod-family almost always make me feel safe & loved (Mommy, daddy, please don't fight! Yes, we're a giant dysfunctional family). My in real life friends, you put up w/a lot! Love you bunches.

Enough mushy cheese. What are you thankful for? (Besides me, I mean...hehehehe)

Everyone have a wonderful Turkey Day! Try not to eat too much!

Ha! Thought I was gonna do a Turkey Day song again, didn't you? (Now I wanna watch Golden Girls!)

Peace & Love


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! And happy birthday! It sounds like you had quite the week of fact, you're making me hungry!

    ps-I love me some Gena too, she's awesome isn't she?

  2. Belated thank you on the birfday & T-giving wishes! & Yes, Gena is awesome!


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