Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've Moved!

I hope you come with me! My new site is up & running & I am so excited for you to come see.

Don't forget to follow me on Google Friend!

Thank you!!!

Peace & Love

Monday, February 15, 2010

Finally...It's Music Monday!

What, no outrage that I'm late? How dare you! That's just rude! ; )

For those of you who care, I'm sorry I'm late, but at least it's up! I just did it this morning because I've been gone all weekend & I'm just not starting this at 10:30 at night.

I hope you enjoy! I hope y'all have a great Monday!

Peace & Love

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feelin Funky

I did not have a great week. For the most part, it wasn't too bad, just a feeling of being off. I did what I usually do & watched movies. While they entertained me, they couldn't pull me out this time. This isn't unusual for me, but it doesn't happen very often.

Friday, was when the whole week came to a head! Yup, it was the day that really sucked a big one! I was to get together w/my bff. We haven't hung out in a while, so I was jazzed! Then her sis & friend were w/her, as well, & I was bummed. (I like them both & we did have fun, so it wasn't a big deal, but I was majorly bummed at first.)

Then hubby gets all happy that I am still down in the IE as he's going to finish the work day by home so I can stay down & pick up Marissa. Ok, unexpected & it sucks cuz I wanna go home eventually, but whatever. I stayed & shopped w/bff & her sis & then grabbed some food & then headed over to my parents' house.

I pulled into the driveway, made sure that I was far enough over as not to hit Keith's car & then stopped. I had my foot on the brake & was fiddling w/something (Shit! It bothers me that I don't remember what! I wasn't even on the phone!). As you may have guessed, I ran into my parents garage door. I took my foot off the brake cuz every normal person puts the friggin car in park as soon as they stop, while in the driveway! Yeah, I didn't. I didn't even feel the car moving, so I didn't realize it was until it stopped~with a loud noise.

Long story short, my sis & I pushed the dent out, so the door still opens & closes. There are dings in the door, none on my car. I was freaked out & called my parents right away (they were on vacay) & when I didn't get an answer, I texted. I felt sick for the several hrs it took for me to hear back from them. I think everything is ok, but you never know...

In case you're reading, I'm sorry Mom!

I really hope this week is better!

She always soothes me.

Peace & Love

So You Had a Bad...Week: Mamavation Mon & Food Journal

Sun, Feb 7th
was bad & I'm not going to record it for you so = p

Mon, Feb 8th
coffee w/splenda & 2% milk
hummus & carrots & wheat pita chips (for those of you following along, you know that a pita chip attacked me today & tried to slice my tongue)
32 oz water
coffee w/splenda & 2% milk (i was cold! much better than cocoa...less calories)
2o jumping jacks (Lisa Samples made me move)
roast, potatoes, carrots (I even put some meat back since I cut it & it turned out to be a ton!)
32 oz water

Tues, Feb 9th
about 5 sips of coffee in the usual way
eggs w/roast beef, mushrooms, cheese, 2 pc of whole wheat toast w/fabio (i only ate 1 1/2 pc) & a nanner
did about 10 min of Hip Hop Abs
stretched for 5 min
20 jumping jacks
hummus w/carrots & wheat pita chips, yogurt w/cinnamon, honey & granola
32 oz of water
stretched (about a min) & then ran/jogged in place & around the house for about 3 min *wheeze*
50 jumping jacks (yes, my boobs hurt between the running & this, i'd be ok if they fell off!)
32 oz of water
roast beef, carrots & tiny bit of tater. 1/2 pc choc cake
still drinkin water

Wed, Feb 10th
coffee w/sugah & 1% (I ran out of splenda)
whole wheat bagel w/lite cream cheese & a nanner
hummus, carrots, & wheat pita chips
32 oz of water
1 choc chip cookie
frito pie (fritos, cheese & chili), smart ones mint ice cream thingee, 1 cup of v8~needed a veggie (for anyone wondering, yes, it's completely nasty after mint ice cream.)
32 oz of water

Ok, my week was bad-ish food-wise. I didn't even finish my food journal, not cuz it was horrible, cuz I didn't feel like it. I had obviously some very good moments, but not all of them were.

I had a rough week & it affected everything I did. Yup, I put on a lb & I got a new scale. The scale is a little more detailed & a lot more mean. The #'s on the new scale are higher up. (Next week I will start doing by that one & all, ALL of my previous #s will not matter.)

For Kia: I only had soda twice this week. But sadly there were 2 days this week where I only had 32 oz of water.
For Lisa: See, I didn't lie! I actually moved! Now I need to do that more than once a week!

I have a lot to work on this week! I hope that mentally I can get my head around it. This funk really messed me up (for those of you who don't know, I'll write another post about it.). I really just hope that it is done!!!

I know that last week I didn't read most of your posts. I'm sooo sorry & WILL do better this week. (I was even off of twitter for a good part of 2 days!)

For all the new sistas: Welcome!

Everyone: I'm sorry that I'm sucking this week!!!!!

Peace & Love (& hugs to all!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh To Be Clueless

Oh, if life could only be like the stupid/teen movies! Having an off day today. Not bad, just off. When I'm feeling off or down, I tend to throw on movies.

I'm kind of ashamed to say what I watched today. I'm not ashamed of the movies, most of you are used to my taste by now. I'm ashamed to say in case any of my Sistas are reading. (I watched movies instead of working out.)

Just watched Romy & Michele's High School Reunion& watching Clueless now (we'll leave it at that). You have to love the idiocy of both. They're dumb(ish), but happy! Everything works out in the end, everyone is happy!

OMG, I could quote Clueless forever, I love this movie so! & Paul Rudd...*drool*

Ok, I got distracted. I'm sure there was a point in there somewhere. Or maybe I was just having an off day & watched cheese movies that make me happy. (Ok, I watched Wimbledon & The Wedding Date~Dermot Mulroney=yumminess~, too.)

Sorry, there may have been a point when I started this, but if there was, it's gone. I distracted myself w/pretty faces. Anyway, I'm in a better mood now! ; )

Peace & Love

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Let's Try Something New Music Monday

Most of you know my love/hate relationship w/, & well the hate part finally won out. I love the simplicity of, but I hate not being able to find some of the songs I wanted.

I may try out a few different sites, I'm not sure yet, but this week I'm using Groove Shark. It's definitely different & I'm not sure I like it yet.

I think it'd be kinda nice to have a new, cute playlist to go w/my new site. Stay tuned cuz it's coming soon!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

*Grrrr I hate when songs aren't what they're supposed to be! Took me forever to get them how I wanted it & I didn't listen first! Sorry about that! I'm aware that Blue Monday is from New Order! I didn't mean for that one to be on this list!

Peace & Love

Diary of a Mad Fat Woman:Mamavation Mon & Food Journal

Ok, I'm not really mad. Here is my food Journal for the week w/a tiny bit of exercise thrown in.

Sun, Jan 31st
Coffee w/1% milk & splenda
Breakfast: wheat bagel w/Fabio & a nanner
24 oz of water down
24 oz of water down
lunch: hummus w/carrots & most of a strawberry yogurt that m decided she didn't like. i cup v8 berry
Dinner: eggs w/roast beef, mushrooms, avocado & cheese. wheat bagel w/Fabio. small cup of cream soda. 2 pc of bacon (stinkin hubby had to cook it & it had to smell so good!), icky v8 low sodium (1 cup)
1 sliver of chocolate chip danish & cup of 2% milk

Mon, Feb 1st
coffee w/splenda & 2% milk
raisin brain w/ 1 or 2% milk (at mom's)
lean pocket garlic chicken, mushroom & wht sauce, hummus & carrots
hot cocoa made w/2%
chili, fritos, cheese & cup of cream soda

I walked around the mall today. not much, but it counts!!!!

Tues, Feb 2nd
coffee w/splenda & 2% milk
Smart ones breakfast sammich (canadian bacon egg & cheese), nanner
danced around the kitchen (food makes me happy, i guess) = )
Smart Ones roast beef & mashed tatos, (m's bowl-full of) yogurt, honey, granola & cinnamon (yum!)
about a tablespoon of cookie dough
cheddar cheese & apple (prob more cheese than i need, but i'll adjust next time)
48 oz of water down so far
did 20 jumping jacks w/Francee Haydel on twitter
24 oz of water
2 sm slices of turkey roast (i made it!!!) & 4 slices of sweet potato
a little more water

Wed, Feb 3rd
coffee in the usual way
Smart Ones breakfast sammich w/cheese, egg & canadian bacon & a nanner
1 piece of turkey roast torn up & put into 2 med tortillas w/1 slice of cheddar ripped in 1/2 (so yum!) & plain yogurt w/cinnamon, honey & granola (ah heaven!)
48 oz of water so far
20 lunges (thanks to Francee Haydel on twitter)
24 oz of water
2 slices of turkey roast & mac n cheese
a little more water

Thurs, Feb 4th
coffee w/Splenda & 2% milk
wheat bagel w/a slice of cheddar & a nanner, 1 cup of v8 berry
24 oz of water
hummus & carrots, yogurt w/granola, honey & cinnamon
24 oz of water
scrubbed dishes (yes & i'm counting as exercise) & did 10 girly push-ups & 10 crunches (w/Francee on twitter)
eggs & turkey bacon (5 pieces-a lot, I know)
yogurt w/honey, cinnamon, & granola
24 oz of water

Problems: I'm getting grossed out with all the chewing. Everything is getting mushy & the textures are making it hard for me to eat slow. I want to either rush through it or not eat. I don't like the mushy!

Fri, Feb 5th
coffee w/splenda & 2%- 2 cups
kashi go lean crunch w/2% milk
24 oz of water
lean cuisine ravioli
32 oz of water
crap! no fruits or veggies today! downed a cup of v8, yuck!
nachos w/carne asada & sour cream (my go-to junk) & dr pepper
32 oz of water

Sat, Feb 6th
coffee w/the usual
1/2 of a carne asada burrito (meat & tortilla only), 1 cup of v8
32 oz of water
grabbed a turkey burger patty at my mom's (literally just grabbed it out of the fridge & ate it~it was cooked), oh & 1/2 a piece of chocolate cake
Carl's Jr Grilled cheese (meat bacon, cheese~I won't do it again, I didn't like it much) & fries & root beer
16 or 17 oz of water
When I run around, I have a hard time meeting my water goal. & As you can see, today was not a very good eating day!

I did fairly well most of the week w/my eating. I ate slow(Thank you, Pete Cohen), I grossed myself out & may not want to eat again~ever. I lost 1/2 a lb this week. Not great, but the scale at least didn't go up.

I didn't move as much as I had hoped, but I did a lot of running around the house, even if it was just to pee...& trust me, I did run to pee. I have a friend on Twitter that is making me get off the computer & do 20 of something, maybe I need random people to do this as well!

My goal for this week again is to get my ass moving. I feel the weight will come off easier if I move!

Ok, there's more video than I wanted &the quality is shit, but the beginning was the part I wanted.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun w/Friends

Last week Gena from Fairytales & Puppy Dog Tails (formerly known as the Morris Bunch) paid Cali a little visit!

Kadi & I were lucky enough to be a stop on her trip! For anyone lucky enough to know Kadi, you know that where ever she goes, some sort of wackiness will ensue.

I would have had this video up sooner, but I had hoped to clean it up some. I had done just that when my computer froze & I lost my changes. Must be a sign, right?

It was so great to meet Gena! It wasn't really like meeting her, though, it was like seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in a while. If you've read Gena's blog or had the pleasure of talking to her on Twitter or somewhere, it's like you've met her already. She's the same person (which is lovely)...yep, she's a dork! A dork with the cutest tummy ever!

Thank you both for a wonderful evening out! I can't wait until Gena comes out again!

Peace & Love

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I was just reading through some of my old posts cuz I was curious to see how long I've had the ol' Mentally Inked open. While reading, I found out 3 things. 1. MI will be a year old in March (already!) 2. At the end of June, I'll have been a non-smoker for a year! (pause for applause) 3. Some of my posts aren't half bad!

In the next couple of weeks I will be moving over to Word Press. Yes, I'm making the change! I am pretty excited about that & would be already writing over there, if I were happy w/the appearance, but I am not.

I will let you all know when it happens so you can join me!

Peace & Love

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Music Monday!

I took a little break from Music Monday last week cuz, well, I just wasn't feelin it. So now I'm back (from outer space), & you now get some fun stuff.

I have been watching the Bring It On movies, as most of you know (& are disgusted by), & so I decided to use some of the music from them & Stick It. I even used some songs from other movies I've been watching lately. Anyway, then I went 80s & 90s, which I blame on Victoria. I told her I'd put NKOTB in & I did! Some are in there cuz they're just plain fun!

My point is this: I had fun w/this one & I hope you enjoy it. If you don't, I figure there's no pleasing you, so you can suck it. Ok, that's just mean! Enjoy & don't make me be mean to you!

Have a wonderful & reminiscent Mon!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
If you can name some of the other movies, you win a mental gold star!

Peace & Love

Food Journal/Mamavation Monday

Mon, Jan 25th

coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast: eggs w/turkey, cheddar cheese, & avocado & 2 pc of wheat toast w/Fabio
hot cocoa made w/1% milk
Lunch: Turkey, Provolone & avocado on wheat toast (sammich-mm mm m mm mm) w/yogurt, honey, & granola
Dinner: Wendy's chicken sammich & caesar salad
72 oz of water so far
sliver of choc chip danish (pms, you threaten to take away my sweets, we're gonna have a problem)

I chewed as slowly as I could. Sometimes, I had to remind myself.

Tues, Jan 26th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
breakfast: kashi go lean crunch
yummy hot cocoa
24 oz of water
Lunch: Lean Pocket the garlic chicken one, 1 nanner
24 oz of water
16 oz of water
Dinner: Second verse, same as the first...j/k We had Wendy's again, so the same thing as last night minus the danish

Wed, Jan 27th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
breakfast/lunch: Hummus & whole wheat pita chips, 1 cup of v8 berry (yummy, all of it!)
1 happy cow cheese
1 cup of v8 berry
roast beef, mashed tatoes & carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (sm cup of cream soda)
72 oz of water

Breakfast & lunch is bad, I know. I went to the store & missed breakfast. I just got my pyramid & don't really feel like eating eating. But I'm making up for it. Get this, I'm making dinner! Ok, pick your jaw up of the floor. Yup, I'm making a roast!

Thurs, Jan 28th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast: Lean Pocket w/eggs bacon & cheese
Lunch: Hummus, carrots & whole wheat pita chips
Dinner: Chili, Fritos, & cheese (I ate slow & savored) sm cup of cream soda
Dessert: 1 snickerdoodle & 1 tiny piece of dough
64 oz of water (I fell asleep before being able finish)

Fri, Jan 29th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast: Eggs w/roast beef (yep, from my roast!), mushrooms, & cheese & a whole wht bagel w/Fabio
Lunch: Hummus, wheat pita chips & carrots
1 snickerdoodle
48 oz of water so far
12 oz blue moon
Dinner: clam chowder, 1 biscuit, 1/2 size portion crab alfredo, 1 margarita (Red Lobster-so super yummy all of it!) I think I got a bite of salad in there too b4 dinner came
16 oz of water

I had dinner w/friends at Red Lobster. Yummy!

Sat, Jan 30th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast:eggs w/roast, mushrooms & cheese & a wheat bagel w/Fabio
Lunch: Hummus w/carrots & wheat pita chips, v8 berry
1 sugar cookie w/sprinkles
Dinner: nachos w/carne asada, cheese, & sour cream & a sm cup of cream soda
64 oz of water

I've lost 3 lbs this week! I'm back at the weight when I started (I think...Leah?)! I think most of you know that I am on medication for my thyroid &for high blood pressure. A couple weeks ago, I was out of both for a few days-1 week & put on 5 lbs that week. Last week I was at 214.5 & was happy, but thought it was a fluke & didn't mention it.

I've come to realize how important my medicine is. Yes, I know they're important to my health or I wouldn't be on them, but they are also important to my weight. I put on over 30 lbs last year before we knew I had a thyroid problem. The year before, I trained for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer & not only did I not lose any weight, I put it on. WTF, right? Meds are important!

Anyway, while not eating perfectly, I have cleaned up my act a lot & I think it's starting to show. My goal for this week is to start exercising. Short & simple, that is my goal.

I have been eating slower thanks to Pete Cohen (I made that my goal for this last week) & I think it makes a big difference.

Peace & Love (& more lbs off in the new week!)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kim (Pity) Party of 1, Your Table Is Ready

When everything seems to be going to shit, it's so hard to stay positive! Like for everything else lately, I'm going to blame the dreaded pms. I feel like I want to cry right now & I'm not even sure why.

Ok, maybe I having a feeling. I had a wonderful chat with a friend that I haven't spoken to in a while, & all the crap (that y'all have already read about & are over) came back to me as I was sharing.

The job loss still brings me to tears. I haven't been able to look for another job. I need to get over this crap! It's gone! Yes, it was so fucking perfect for me that it's scary, but it obviously wasn't meant to be.

My dryer has a split personality; it wants to either scorch my clothes (towels, sheets, whatever) or not dry them at all.

I don't know if you've heard or not, but my heater seems to have gotten that same split personality. It has been under 60 degrees in my house for several days now.

I seem to be having problems w/my eating. I know a lot of you don't read my food journal, & I don't blame you. It's boring & doesn't concern you.

The biggest pain to me/us lately? The wonderful rain that Cali has needed, tried to take my house out! Ok, it tried to help us get a skylight. I see that now! I wish it had given us a little more warning. It started to swell & then finally started to break away. Eric finally had to pull part of it down, so it didn't fall (wet drywall is very heavy) & shatter the glass on our shower.

Here is my new roof-light. It doesn't show me the sky, but I have a fab view of the roof!

Thanks for lettin me vent.

Let's leave this on a happy note. I don't know what he's saying, but it makes me feel good.

Peace & Love

The Not-So Music Monday

I know I usually do a Music Monday. I couldn't make myself do it this week. I just didn't have it in me. I've been so blah this weekend, that it didn't get done.


Here is a reason to be ashamed of me (It's kinda musical, right?):

Peace & LoveBr

My Food Journal Jan 18th

Mon, Jan 18th

Coffee, w/splenda & whole milk
Breakfast: maple & brown sugar made w/whole milk
Lunch: Chicken, spinach & whatever (i need to look) Lean Pocket, plain yogurt w/honey & honey granola w/nuts (mmmmmm)
24 oz Propel grape
Snack: 1 pumpkin seed flat bread (cracker) w/1 slice of cheddar
hot cocoa w/1% milk
Dinner: LeanCuisine baked chicken, mashed tatoes, stuffing
more yogurt w/honey & granola

Still workin on my 2nd 24 oz of water. I'm so very behind.

Ok, this doesn't look too bad. I didn't even eat the hamburger helper w/hubby & the kidlet (& yes, I do like it).

Tues, Jan 19th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk (i went to the store!)
Breakfast: Egg, bacon, & cheese lean pocket, an icky nanner
Snack: pumpkin seed flat bread cracker w/2 happy cow light cheeses (yum)
hot cocoa made w/1% milk
Lunch: lean pocket (same as yesterday) & salad w/avocado, blue cheese crumbles & balsamic vinaigrette
dinner: steak & scalloped tatoes (I'm guessing I needed more protein cuz I had more steak)
Dessert: the yogurt, granola stuff
72 oz of water (thanks to Lisa & Jennifer!)- Ok, I barely kept in the last 24 oz...We were chugging!
I guess I'm not doing as good as I had planned. I understand processed foods are bad, but they are easier for people who if given a choice between something easy (ie frozen) & having to cook, I'll pop somethin in the microwave almost every time. I'm not a cooker & I ususally wait until I need to eat NOW if I'm not munching.

Wed, Jan 20th

coffee with splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast: Smart Ones Canadian Bacon breakfast sammich
Chugged 24 oz of water (now I hafta pee)
Hot cocoa made w/1% milk
Chugged another 24 oz of water (can u see my eyeballs float?)
Chugged 12 oz of water
Lunch: Chicken garlic something Lean Pocket (yummy), salad like yesterday & the yogurt stuff like b4, but instead of a reg bowl, I stole one of M's (from when she first started solids)
Chugged other 12 oz of water
so far another 8 oz, i'd guess
Dinner: Frito pie (i'm blaming it on hormones or Kadi...or even Jennifer! Friggin chili!)
2 pieces of See's for dessert-you guessed it, hormones! terrible, but so worth it!

Thurs, Jan 21st

2 cups of coffee, 1 w/splends & 1% milk, 1 w/sugar & whole milk
Drank 48 oz of water
Lunch: Pepperoni pizza Lean Pocket
Hot cocoa w/1% milk
24 oz water
Dinner: Smart ones Roast Beef & Mashed Tatoes & a banana

Fri, Jan 22nd
cup of coffee w/ splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast : Bacon egg & cheese lean pocket
hot cocoa made w/1% milk
24 oz of water
24 oz of water
grilled cheddar & provolone cheese sammich & cheese & broccoli soup & salad
24 oz of water
Dinner: nachos w/carne asada & sour cream & dr pepper
Still workin on the water...ok, finished another 24 oz
2 pcs of See's...I had too!

Ok, I only went up to Friday because well, I forgot, I got lazy, & it went downhill from dinner on Fri. I remember bits & pieces, but I don't want to write it incomplete.

I feel like I did mostly better w/the eating...until the weekend came. I don't know what it is. I keep blaming my husband, that it's his fault that I eat crappy when he's home. I know I need to be able to do well on my own, whether around other people or not.

What do I need to do? Is it in my head? Is it my confidence (or lack there of), like I'm trying to make myself fail? Do I wanna be fat for the rest of my life, waiting for a heart attack to take me? Why am I fighting myself? Wow, I am dark today! Sorry! ; )

My goal for the week:
Take everything one day at a time & try not to get too down on myself.

Peace & Love

Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow Day!!!

I declared today a snow day...HOORAY! I got to the freeway & there were a few flurries, no biggy. I drove a little ways & my car was being attacked by them! (I'm ashamed to say, I forgot my Vado this morning!)

I don't know if you remember (or were around) last winter. One fine winter's day my hubby tried to go to work & was stuck on the freeway~for 7 hrs~3 exits away. The lovely 15 freeway was shut down & he was in between exits so he couldn't turn around.

Now see, I thought about this, & I decided that there was no way in hell I was going to chance getting stuck on the very same freeway like that! He has the capability to pee in a bottle, where I, myself, do not. Not to mention that I left my friggin water bottle at home (something that rarely happens).

So far, my kidlet is lovin me. We've already had hot cocoa. She's already had popcorn & fruit roll ups (she had breakfast before we left). She's layin on the couch w/a heating pad, so she's warm & cozy (ok, & she already hurt herself).
She's now shoved the heating pad up her shirt to keep warm. Yeah, we're not gonna show a pic.

Happy Friday! I hope y'all stay safe & warm!

Peace & Love

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mamavation...I've Been a Bad Bad Girl

Fri-Jan 15th

a cup of coffee w/splenda & whole milk (it was all i had)
breakfast: a bowl of cheerios & a banana
snack: 1 pc of pumpkin seed flat bread w/ 1 slice of cheddar cheese
lunch: 1 fried chicken thigh w/1 slice of cheese in a tortilla
dinner: nachos w/carne asada, & sour cream, dr pepper
water: still workin on it!

Ok, today was not great, but I really could have done worse! I was hungry, I could have had more chicken for lunch, but I stuck w/one piece. The nachos, I could have eaten more, until I felt sick, but I stopped. Obviously, I didn't make it to a week of no soda, but I can start again.

Sat-Jan 16th

a cup of coffee w/splenda & whole milk
Breakfast/Lunch: 1 pc of fried chicken, 1 slice of cheddar cheese, 2 flour tortillas
Dinner: Mushroom swiss burger w/fries & iced tea, oh & a salad w/ranch
Dessert: I split a sundae w/hubby

Water: Um, I drank some...

I kinda slept in, so I had breakfast & lunch together. The Mushroom swiss burger could have been worse, I wanted country fried steak. Hey, I shared the sundae!

Sunday-Jan 17th

a cup of coffee w/splenda & whole milk (I'm going shopping tomorrow)
Breakfast: 1 egg over easy (minus the yolk that ended up in my hair~it's a gift, I know.) & 2 flour tortillas. oh & i little box of juicy juicy apple juice~yes, I stole my kid's juice.
Lunch/Dinner: Steak w/Parmesan & shrimp, loaded mashed potatoes, mozzarella sticks & iced tea, choc mousse for dessert

I'm a little behind on my water (it's 7:18 now) & I've got 48 oz down.

As you can say, I have not have a good food day. Tomorrow is the start of a new week. I hope to do better.

Goals for the new week:
  • Screw moving, I need to get some exercise, even if it's just starting out slow
  • I need to go to the store & get me some good food
  • Take my meds every day
  • Drink my water~chug, Chug, CHUG!!!!
  • Since I'm going to the store for good food, I may as well eat it
I have started off poorly, but I am more aware of what I eat & feel guilty over every bad thing that goes into my mouth.

I will do better this week. I will do better this week. I will do better this week. I will do better this week.

Peace & Love

p.s. DRINK!!!!

I'm So Lazy Music Monday

Why oh why do I spend so much time on these??? Yes, I use songs that I have used before, if I think they fit, but these playlists still take me for-ever! Ok, I don't feel this one is complete, but I'm feeling incredibly lazy & don't wanna mess with it anymore.

I hope y'all have a wonderfully, fantastically, amazingly, great Monday (in other words, I hope y'all have the day off or if you're a SAHM, I hope your kids all nap or let you have more than 5 min of peace!)

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Peace & Love

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Will Survive

For those of you following along at home, you know I trying to be one of the Mamavation Moms, you know to lose weight & get healthy. I didn't make it.

Yes, I'm a little sad. Yes, I'm a little disappointed. Yes, I went through a few hours of feeling like I wasn't good enough, I can't even be a fat person well enough to do this contest right. I'm not devastated, though.

It doesn't change my life that I didn't make it. I'm still me. Short & sweet: I'm gonna keep on trekkin.

I don't need to lose weight for a contest or a contest to lose weight. I need support & I have found it with the Sistahood (& of course, my wonderful friends).

Thank you for your support. I love & appreciate you all for it.

Peace & Love

How Many Times Can They Screw Me?

For you new people (Hi, welcome), you may not have heard about the job that was mine & then gone. It just keeps getting worse...or better, I'm not sure.

I talked to the mom at M's school today (she helped me get the in w/the company) & she overheard them talking about me. The guy hiring still wants me (woohoo!). She, herself, wants me as a secretary, she just needs to talk her boss to convince him that they need a secretary. (I don't wanna be a secretary again, but a job is a job!)

So I'm fucking jazzed that they still want me, right? Even better, I get a call this afternoon that they want me to come in some time soon to do my fingerprints so they can keep going w/my security clearance. So I call back & get voicemail & when she calls me back, it turns out she meant to call someone else.

To her credit, she is very nice & was very apologetic about the call. She says that if a job opens up that would be good for me, they'll call me. The hiring guy really liked me & thinks I'll be an asset to the company (can't remember the exact words, as I was in complete WTF mode, but that's the gist of it.).

So they like me, they really really...whatever. I'm happy & sad all at the same time.

Oh & the secretary job doesn't require clearance, so I wouldn't have a problem there.

Peace & Love

Happy Anniversary

Yup, it was 9 years ago today, that my hubby was (stupid) wonderful enough to show up to say "I do". Sure there were plenty of "What?"s cuz he couldn't hear the minister, so he may not have known exactly what he got himself into, but that worked out to my benefit. You slip the minister $20 to add extra vows in there & you have a slave for life!

Good deal for me, not so good for him. *wink wink*

To my husband on our anniversary (not like I'm going to show him this...):
You are a giant pain in my ass. You snore. You cuss like a sailor. You're dirty. You smoke too much. You spoil me. You are a wonderful hubby (when you're not a pain in the ass) & a magnificent father. I couldn't pick a better partner for me if I tried. If I had to choose whether or not I wanted to, I would so marry you again.

Don't tell him I said so...wouldn't want him to get a big head.

Peace & love.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Most of you who have been reading about me for that past year pretty much know me. This will be a review for you...Who knows, you may learn something new about me!

My name is Kim. I'm 31 yrs old. I've been married for almost 9 years (shit, may anniversary is on Thurs!!!). I have a 6 year old daughter. And, as you can probably tell, I'm easily distracted.

I was chubby when I was younger, but as I got to be a teen I thinned out. When I was in elementary school, I was always self conscious about my weight. I weight 108 lbs when I was in the 5th grade. (Weirdly enough, I weighed less than that when I was 18.)

When I was18-19, I thought I looked as good(ish) that I could. I weighed 105 & was good to go. Sure I always had a little pooch that no amount of sit ups could fix, but whatever. Was I happy w/my looks...NO!

When I was 19, I decided to go on birth control. I was too lazy for the pill, so I went for the shot that you gt every 3 mos (I have no probs w/needles, for those of you thinking the pill is so much easier. Look at the blog name!). Your body can react like it's pregnant when you do this form of birth control. I was tired all the time. I was nauseous. I put on 50 lbs. Scary shit for the girl always worried about how much she weighed!

I was able to take most of that (ok, 1/2) off by the time I met my hubby through diet, exercise, & pills. I've probably tried a good portion of the diet pills out there. I hate feeling like my heart is going to beat out of my chest, but if it means that I don't have to work harder, it's worth it, right?

When you're with someone for a decade, you tend to get comfortable & a lot of people let themselves go. This is what I have done. I can blame it on my daughter, but that's taking the easy way out. I can blame it on my thyroid disease, too, & while I know that that's part of it, I know there's more. Plain & simple-I let myself go. I gave in to the laziness that has always been a part of me.

What I am trying to do is get myself back out of my lazy habit. I want to be ABLE to be active. My daughter doesn't need to grow up remembering me on the couch (which are most of her memories so far).

My goals for this week are small. I put them on my music post, but I'll put them here too.
  • Get moving in someway, shape or form.
  • Drink my 64 oz of water
  • NO SODA!!!!
I could make a ton more goals for myself, but Leah says baby steps.

Peace & Love

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shake Your Booty Music Monday

Ok, Kia from Bodhi Bear basically challenged me to do a Music Monday that will get you going while working out.

As you all know, I'm trying to be the next Mamavation Mom. This means my tushy better get moving. Ok, while I'm on the computer, I'm obviously sitting on my ass, but trust me when I say I'm moving while listening through my list & writing this up.

Part of my problem is I am always on the computer & have every reason in the world not to get up...I can do pretty much everything while at my computer! I hope this gets me going! (I think I can. I think I can. I think I can...)

I hope this helps get you moving & gets you through your Monday!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Goals for today:
  • drink at least 64 oz of water
  • get moving in one way or another for at least an hr
  • NO SODA!!!!

Peace & Love

Friday, January 8, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast...

What do you tell your kids when they ask you questions that you're not ready for them to know the answers to? I for one, answer M truthfully & to the best of my (not so) vast knowledge.

I drove M down the hill today to get her TB test looked at (everything was A-ok) & on the way she asked me if gay people were real. "Uh, yeah. Do you know what gay is?" "When a man marries a man & a woman marries a woman." Ok, close enough for me, she's got the jist of it.

I told her that they were different (she's used to mommy & daddy), but we do not treat them badly because of that, right? "Right." We like auntie, right? "Right." We think auntie is cool? She's silly, right? "Yes." We do not treat anyone badly because they are different from us, right? "Right."

"How do gays have babies?" WTF? When did it turn out to be one of these days? She hasn't even asked where babies come from! So I did my best to go over adoption, insemination, surrogates. She just kept getting hung up on men making the women carry the babies for them & that that was better. I kept trying to explain adoption & the babies that need love. We weren't agreeing on this part cuz we "weren't getting it". Yes, she told me that I wasn't getting what she was trying to say. (I wish I had videoed this part.)

I asked her where this came from. "American Dad." Ah yes. A reminder that I'm up for the #1 Mom award.

We then moved on to the women, as she just decided men couldn't have babies & the women had to carry them. "So if 2 women kiss, are there 2 babies?" Oh jeebus... No, monkey, there needs to be a sperm & an egg. If there's not both, there's no baby. I skimmed over artificial insemination/other options. "What's a sperm." It's comes from the man & is what's needed to fertilize the egg. "Oh, ok."-thank goodness, we're done- "What's fertilize?" Well shit, fuck, shit! Why can't this convo end??? The sad thing is I blanked! I know what it is basically, but I couldn't explain it to her!

Here is our convo where she tried to explain it to me(we were in the car, you probably need headphones):

Side note: We watched 4 Christmases, which she really enjoyed. Why is it that I am more terrified of her finding out there is no Santa than explaining this stuff to her?

Peace & Love

*Anyone who has a problem w/how I explained...whatever. I did the best I could in telling her & the best I could in recapping it for y'all. Thanks!*


Ok, I told y'all my goals for 2010 & I'm trying to get help with one of those goals. Yep, you guessed it! I'm trying to get help to get my fat ass in shape! I will need all of you to support me, though!

I had so hoped to join in the competition for Mamavation & procrastination, technical difficulties, & self-doubt almost won out & I almost didn't.

I can't do this by myself, but I need to do something for myself. I don't mean the laziness or playing on the computer that I do in my spare (all of the) time. I need to actually do something for my body. I need to do it for my family. I need to be around for my kid. My hubby needs me to harass him.

I actually kinda wanna stick around, myself. I do stuff that I may not be much to some, but I truly enjoy talking to everyone every day! I like watching movies & going through music & reading books. I just need to work for them. It's like doing chores...if you want your moola, then you will clean your fucking room, right? Nothing is for free.

Watch Lives Change

Remember the help I asked for? For starters, here is what I need you to do. Get on Twitter & write (or cheat & just copy) this: Hey @bookieboo! I want @mentallyinked to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

Mamavation is set up to help women lose weight & get healthy by supporting each other. There are tips & recipes, but mainly there is a wonderful support system.

If I win & get to be included in this campaign, I will we posting weekly on my progress & be submitting a food & exercise journal. Even if I don't make it, I think I may do this.

If anyone on Twitter sees the hashtag #Mamavation, or if you see Mamavation anywhere, please show the ladies your support!

I did also join the Pound for Pound Challenge (Thank you, Maria! She doesn't read, but someone pass it on, will ya?). This not only pushes me to do well, it's for a great cause!

I had so much fun filming this video, which is weird because it was the part I dreaded, that I may post all the pieces that got snipped out.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Smooth Away

Ok, my mother in-law likes to get the As Seen On TV things for stocking stuffers. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don't.

The Smooth Away was one of the items in my stocking this last year (is she trying to tell me something? Nah, all the "girls" got them) & this morning I decided to try it, cuz I wasn't running enough behind.

First, let me say that this weird item actually works. Second, let me say that I feel like I have a rug-burn! I'm not a hairy person, but the fun in getting older is getting funky black hairs! I have blonde hair on my arms (weird, I know, I'm not blonde!) & on my face, but then there are the 3 weird black hairs!

Yes, I get lasered (pre-payed, I'll be paying for a few more months on the credit card. I regret the paying thing, but not the laser cuz it's just awesome.), but I have been lazy & haven't gone in the last couple months.

Anyway, I tried the Smooth Away on my chin & upper lip, (sexy, I know!) & my chin still friggin burns about 13 hours later. No, I'm not exaggerating! Luckily, my upper lip is just fine! Either I did something wrong, which I might have since I hate instructions, or there is something wrong w/it!
Did I push to hard in my effort to remove the 3 black hairs? It's like there should be a sign on it saying: To remove hair, just remove the top 3 layers of skin. Don't worry, the burning is normal!

Does this mean I won't try it on my legs? What, do you think I'm stupid? Of course I'm going to do it!

Peace & Love, people!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meet My Family

I know y'all have an idea what my family is like, but this gives you an actual peek into my household.

Meet the Cogleys, my loves, at their finest.

Peace & Love

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Shaving Accident

It's a-friggin-mazing that hubby still likes me!

Here's what his face has looked like for...well, what seems like forever!
After a slip of the razor, he could have left it like this...stubborn.
Meet the new Eric. I've never seen his upper lip before 2 days ago (We've been together almost 10 years). I smile when I look at him. He gets self-conscious. I get a full-on case of the giggles. I'm a good wife, I know.
Yeah, I am amazed that he still likes me.

Peace & Love

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Do Love My Music Mondays

I love how music can soothe your soul...even if you didn't realize that you needed it. I so love how music can be like a great movie that you feel. You feel the upbeat action, humor. You feel the heartbreak. You feel the calm, resolve. It's like a perfect ending. It brings such peace & contentment. (Is is me, or is Pink able to do all of this on her own??)

I picked only women for this week's Music Monday. I don't have a reason really, I just felt like it
Yes, I had to put in a song called Song for Eric for 2 reasons. (If you don't know why, you need to visit me more often, but I'm feeling nice enough to explain.) 1. Hubby's name is Eric. 2. My love for Tori! (duh!)

I hope you enjoy it. I hope it helps break you into your Monday, so it's not quite so harsh!

When you are done listening to here, I suggest (nice word for command!) you check out The Greer 5's Music Monday! Brittany always has some great selections!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Peace & Love

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bux-em in Oh Ten

Damn, that's not quite right. Oh well, it fits me just fine.

So how are y'all? I hope you had a wonderful & safe New Year's Eve & Day! Me? I have a friggin cold. Don't make me laugh, so I don't start hacking! I'm trying so hard not to laugh, but I am fortunate to have so many friggin amusing people in my life. I love y'all & you're killin me! My jaw hurts from smiling & my chest hurts from laughing.

Oh what a horrid life I have, right? For my first post of 2010, I wish my horrible life on you!

May you all have horrible friends & family that make your jaw & chest hurt from happiness!

Damn, I'm getting sappy in my old age! I feel like maybe I should give y'all the finger or something to make up for it. Maybe next time!

I can't think of a good song at the moment, so I'm gonna do shameless plugs for people, that I'd love you to support. Great, great, great causes! You know I don't plug things unless I truly believe in them.

Boobs for Anissa Calendars: Click here to see & then ORDER one (or ten), please! (I've never met her, but her story brings me to tears w/every update I read. You wanna read a wonderfully true story of hope & love, check out Anissa's family's story.)

My friend Maria's son got in to the exchange program to go to school in JAPAN!!! (How awesome is that???) Please help her with tuition, by donating here. Every little bit helps! Even if it's a teensy weensy amount, she'll appreciate it!

I found one! I'm obsessed w/this song today!

Peace & Love

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