Monday, January 25, 2010

My Food Journal Jan 18th

Mon, Jan 18th

Coffee, w/splenda & whole milk
Breakfast: maple & brown sugar made w/whole milk
Lunch: Chicken, spinach & whatever (i need to look) Lean Pocket, plain yogurt w/honey & honey granola w/nuts (mmmmmm)
24 oz Propel grape
Snack: 1 pumpkin seed flat bread (cracker) w/1 slice of cheddar
hot cocoa w/1% milk
Dinner: LeanCuisine baked chicken, mashed tatoes, stuffing
more yogurt w/honey & granola

Still workin on my 2nd 24 oz of water. I'm so very behind.

Ok, this doesn't look too bad. I didn't even eat the hamburger helper w/hubby & the kidlet (& yes, I do like it).

Tues, Jan 19th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk (i went to the store!)
Breakfast: Egg, bacon, & cheese lean pocket, an icky nanner
Snack: pumpkin seed flat bread cracker w/2 happy cow light cheeses (yum)
hot cocoa made w/1% milk
Lunch: lean pocket (same as yesterday) & salad w/avocado, blue cheese crumbles & balsamic vinaigrette
dinner: steak & scalloped tatoes (I'm guessing I needed more protein cuz I had more steak)
Dessert: the yogurt, granola stuff
72 oz of water (thanks to Lisa & Jennifer!)- Ok, I barely kept in the last 24 oz...We were chugging!
I guess I'm not doing as good as I had planned. I understand processed foods are bad, but they are easier for people who if given a choice between something easy (ie frozen) & having to cook, I'll pop somethin in the microwave almost every time. I'm not a cooker & I ususally wait until I need to eat NOW if I'm not munching.

Wed, Jan 20th

coffee with splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast: Smart Ones Canadian Bacon breakfast sammich
Chugged 24 oz of water (now I hafta pee)
Hot cocoa made w/1% milk
Chugged another 24 oz of water (can u see my eyeballs float?)
Chugged 12 oz of water
Lunch: Chicken garlic something Lean Pocket (yummy), salad like yesterday & the yogurt stuff like b4, but instead of a reg bowl, I stole one of M's (from when she first started solids)
Chugged other 12 oz of water
so far another 8 oz, i'd guess
Dinner: Frito pie (i'm blaming it on hormones or Kadi...or even Jennifer! Friggin chili!)
2 pieces of See's for dessert-you guessed it, hormones! terrible, but so worth it!

Thurs, Jan 21st

2 cups of coffee, 1 w/splends & 1% milk, 1 w/sugar & whole milk
Drank 48 oz of water
Lunch: Pepperoni pizza Lean Pocket
Hot cocoa w/1% milk
24 oz water
Dinner: Smart ones Roast Beef & Mashed Tatoes & a banana

Fri, Jan 22nd
cup of coffee w/ splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast : Bacon egg & cheese lean pocket
hot cocoa made w/1% milk
24 oz of water
24 oz of water
grilled cheddar & provolone cheese sammich & cheese & broccoli soup & salad
24 oz of water
Dinner: nachos w/carne asada & sour cream & dr pepper
Still workin on the water...ok, finished another 24 oz
2 pcs of See's...I had too!

Ok, I only went up to Friday because well, I forgot, I got lazy, & it went downhill from dinner on Fri. I remember bits & pieces, but I don't want to write it incomplete.

I feel like I did mostly better w/the eating...until the weekend came. I don't know what it is. I keep blaming my husband, that it's his fault that I eat crappy when he's home. I know I need to be able to do well on my own, whether around other people or not.

What do I need to do? Is it in my head? Is it my confidence (or lack there of), like I'm trying to make myself fail? Do I wanna be fat for the rest of my life, waiting for a heart attack to take me? Why am I fighting myself? Wow, I am dark today! Sorry! ; )

My goal for the week:
Take everything one day at a time & try not to get too down on myself.

Peace & Love


  1. Hey, we all get feelings like that sometimes. Ya just gotta get a handle on it and take control of yourself. Unless their forcefeeding you, no one else is to blame when you overeat. My prob was always eating at the inlaws. MIL would take it as a personal insult if you didn't eat a TON everytime you went there. You can do it!

  2. All in all your menu during the week looked like you did really great. And I know you kept up on the water, so just keep taking a step at a time and making improvements and you're on the right track!! GREAT JOB!

  3. If you want to go processed and easy, check out the Lean Cuisines. They taste good and all you have to do is add fruit or veggies on the side, and you can't beat it for easy. And remember you are learning to live healthy, so don't expect to be good at it right away. That's what we are here help you! XXOO Good job this week!

  4. My first thing I did to change my eating habit was to substitute my white to wheat bread...that was my baby step till I was ready to change something else. You don't have to change everything because then you will really feel the stress and don't want to do it been there and believe it or not, still feeling that at least once every two days lol. DRINK!!!

  5. You're starting out great. When I first started changing my eating habits, I stopped buying pre made snacks. For instance I only bought cookies you had to back . It was a baby step but it set me down the right path.

    If you keep woking on your diet, eventually your husband and the kiddo will come around. And weekends are probaly harder for you, because it's a break in your routine. For me it's hard whenever I work from home. I've snack proofed my offoce and it's easy to keep busy, but at home it's easier to saunter over to the fridge when ever I want. :0

    Just remember, you're not the only one. Hang in there and have a great week.

  6. You need to move closer to me and I can cook for you. I LOVE IT! Weekends are hard - very difficult to remember everything that goes into your mouth - so I totally understand. Keep up the awesome water chugging and love yourself!

  7. I'm all about processed foods for now, too. It saves me from polishing off all the candy in the house. What ever works for now- it's better than nothing, for sure. Keep at it, girl!

  8. Weekends are so hard for me. Mine completely ruined my eating for the week. I am really working on that. Hope you have a great week and thanks for the water inspirations.

  9. You're doing great! Really! Weekends seem tough for everyone, I think because it's different.

    Keep it up, girlfriend! And keep reminding everyone to DRINK!!!! (Love seeing those tweets!)

  10. I still have to write down my food journal good job on that

  11. You're already doing good, don't beat yourself with your slip ups. It happens, that's life. Let's all move on. But girl, I'm hands-down with you on the food journal. It's something I haven't done at all. I just make sure I cook most of what we eat, from scratch, mostly whole foods, and not processed. That's all my sanity could take for now. I'm not into doing the food journal thing yet, so I really admire you guys who could do it. Way to go!

    --- @ImAHotMom


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