Friday, October 30, 2009

I Have an Interview!

Holy shit! I'm so excited & nervous! It has been ages it seems since the last time I have had one (like Feb or something).

Yes, it brings all my insecurities to the surface. The last time I held a steady job, was about a year ago, & by the time I left I had zero self worth. I was in a place where I couldn't do anything right & the harder I tried the worse it got. My relationship with my manager was extremely bad & she I were alone in the office quite a bit. What hurt the most was that she & I were friends at some time during my almost 10 yrs there, ok that & the fact that she almost left us without a place to live .(We had sold our house & were buying a new one. Everything was almost done, but she held up my work verification & then told them I had given notice & then almost didn't change it cuz she didn't like lying. Still a little angry, can you tell? It's taking everything I've got not to say mean things.)

So now a year later I have an interview for a job that I desperately need. Looking at the job description, yes, there are a few things I've never done, but I can learn! A majority of it is right up my alley!

If I get the position, my life would be so much better! I would be able to pay bills. Not worry about buying food. We would be able to have Christmas!!!

I guess this was my drawn out way of saying: If you pray, please pray for me. If you don't, or if you want, on top of praying, please cross everything you possibly can without hurting yourself. My family & I thank you!

If you have any advice, please share!

Peace & Love

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birfday to My Sissy!

My baby seester is turning 28 today (wait, that makes me old), is turning 19 today. Kellers, I hope you have a wonderful birfday & know that M is extremely pissed that we don't get to see you. She has a present for you. I love you!

If any of you want to see some of my sissy's drawings, fabulous drawings (yes, the biatch got all the creativity), pls check her out on Facebook. Tell her I sent you & that you want to look at her fantabulistically wonderful drawings. I'm not biased or anything.

Peace & Love

Wordless Wednesday...I Talk Too Much Anyway

Oops I did it again
Had an i-dea in the car....

Yeah, that's gone! Anyone wanna get me a recorder for my birfday? Since I don't have anything of value to say today (except vote for Kim! #7), I'm going to do something I don't normally do. I'm going to participate in Wordless Wednesday.

Who's That Girl? (Yeah, I coulda gone w/Devil in Disguise) I love my friends!

Peace & Love!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Halloweeny Music Monday

Honestly, I forgot Halloween was on Saturday, so next weeks Music Monday is done. Then I had an "Oh Shit!" moment & so I finally finished this at 10:30 at night. I got most of these here. I think they're fun & spooky & sexy. I don't know, they're something. Enjoy!

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I hope you all have a great Monday!

Peace & Love.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh Glee, How I Love Thee!

As we already know, I'm a little off. Not like that! I'm perfectly normal, damn it! (Maybe not, since I'm arguing w/myself & imaginary people.) Aaaanyway...I've been down.

Money problems will do that. I'm looking for work & it's not going so well. I'm borrowing money (out the wazoo) from family, but it's like putting a band-aid on a giant gaping wound. I've been trying to either sleep my problems away or watch tv/movies to distract me.

I grew up watching, & digging, musicals (my grandparents had them & from what I can tell the love runs in the family). In this day & age, it makes me a little weird, I know. Don't get me wrong, I don't like them all. Hell, I haven't even seen The Sound of Music (insert collective gasp here). If you are a Twitter or Facebook friend, there will be times that you just get lines from some of the musicals (most recently The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) from me. I'd apologize in advance, but if I was sorry, I wouldn't do it.

Also, if you've been reading my blog for more than a second, you'd see my love of music. I love all sorts (I tend to only post the upbeat for y'all), including some of the music Putumayo puts out, even though I don't understand most of the songs. Music soothes me. Plain & simple, music makes me happy.

Enter teenybopper show, Glee. I saw the commercials & like a lot of people, never thought twice about it. Sure I like Jane Lynch, but what the fuck do I care that she's got a show on tv? Then I kept seeing random things on FB from people saying how much they liked the show. Ok, I can't say that I don't like something if I haven't seen it, so I thought I'd give it a try (thank you Hulu!). They were already 4 or 5 episodes into the season & once I watched the first one, I had to watch them all!

I loved it. I loved the cheesiness of it, the high strung girl, the bad boy, the jock, the gay guy, the black chick, the Asian chick, the bitchy cheerleader, wheelchair guy...& the rest(here on Gilligan's Island!). I love watching the happenings in the storyline of them trying to get to Sectionals.

The songs, some I've heard & some I hadn't, all sounded great to me (ok, the jock doesn't blow me away, but nothing is perfect). Songs put together that I never would have listened to, made me search out the originals.

Again, music has made me happy. This show in all it's bitchy, cheesy, Slushee, funny, dance-y, musically wonderful glory helps to make me a happy camper when all I want to do is cry. Who can cry when a white guy is singin the Thong Song?!

If you wanna make fun of the show, watch it first, then you can make fun of it. But I hope you love it instead.

Ok, it also helps that they have some cutie-pies in it. I'm a sucker for a cutie in a little Mohawk!

Peace & Love

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dogoat Has Struck Again

Eric's jacket. (I was just putting in my Pirates movie & saw it on the ground.) The gaping hole was part of the collar.
Monday~Eric left his hat on the counter...

Snow White has lost her arms & legs. (The missing clothes are courtesy of M.)

We went out of our way to find her & this is how she repays us...this week. I don't know what to do as we just don't have the funds to keep replacing the things she is destroying. And we still can't let her roam free outside...
I suppose I should be thankful, since the rage I am feeling is saving me from the dark hole I was slipping into.

Peace & Love

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Kadi Bunch

Here's the story of a girl named Kadi
Who was bringing up 7 very lovely kids.
All of them had hair of gold, unlike their mother,
The youngest one was not a girl.

Here's the story, of a man named Daniel,
Who was busy with 7 kids & the wife,
They were crazy, living all together,
But they were never alone.

Till the one day when the lady & her fellow
They knew it was much more than a hunch,
That this group would become a super-family.
That's the way they all became the Super Prescott Bunch.
The Prescott Bunch,

That's the way they all became the Super Prescott Bunch.
The Prescott Bunch. (It’s like the Fantastic Four, but better!)

I told you...problems. I have problems!

Peace & Love

Why I Can't Seem to Write Anything...

Furthering my tribute to the Steve Miller Band's The Joker. Yes, there is something wrong w/me, but it felt like doing a Mad Lib! Once I got going, I couldn't stop. Yes, so instead of writing something meaningful & deep *cough cough BULLSHIT cough cough*, I'm playing with songs. Lovely. (No offense is intended to the Steve Miller Band)

Some people call me a little goofy, yeah
Some call me a prankster, a nut
Some people call me Kimberlty
Cuz my friends were sent down from above

People talk about me, baby
Say I’m doin it wrong, doin it wrong
Well, I don't worry baby,I don't worry
Cause I'm hiding, hiding, hiding, hiding behind the couch

Cause I'm a poker
I'm a grinner
I'm a laugher
And I'm in the gutter

I wish I could play some music in the sun

I'm a mother
I'm a sister
I'm a not a mister
I sure don't want to beat no one (but I will! Don't tempt me!)

I'm a bitcher
I'm a moaner
I'm a complainer
And I'm a whiner
I left my music in the car

I'm a tweeter
I'm a blogger
I'm a email writer
I give my lovin to everyone
Wooo wooooo

You're the cutest thing
That I ever did see (& you are!)
I really love your cookies
Give them to me!
Lordy-lordy, lordy-lordy, lordy-lordy I feel fat
Ooo-eee baby, I sure wish I hadn’t eaten all that

Cause I'm a eater
I'm a grazer
I'm a muncher
And I'm a snacker
Damn why am I still in the sun?

I'm a wifey
I'm in for lifey
I'm full of strifey
I’m lucky the hubby’s not on the run

I'm a yeller
I'm a shouter
I'm a kisser
And I'm a pouter
I am staying out of the sun

I'm a provoker
I'm a ex-smoker (Since June!)
I’ve never been a toker
I sure don't want to fight no one (today)

Wooo woooo

People aren’t talking about me baby (I swear!)
They can’t say I'm doin you wrong
Well I’m not worried, not worried, no I’m not worried pops
Cause they can’t hurt me here at home

You're the funniest thing I ever did see
Really love your dimples, want to wanna pinch your tushy
Hubba hubba, hubba hubba, hubba hubba all the time
Come on baby and I'll let you show me a good time

Does anyone think I should seek help??

Peace & Love!

It's That Time Again!

It's Happy Music Monday Day! I have another round of covers for you! I love most of these, & again, some of them just make me chuckle. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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Peace & Love

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

Some people call me a bad mommy, yeah
Some call me full of love
Some people call me Kimmy
And I speak like a dork from above

Cause I'm a bitcher
I'm a moaner
I'm a talker
And I'm a poker
I listen to music in my car

I don't know...Sorry (to the Steve Miller Band), I'm trying to pick myself up. Everything feels off when you wake up late, which I did (only a couple of hours, not much, right? Only an hour after I've usually already left the house...). Yes, my daughter was late to school today (& none too sweet about it) because I accidentally turned my alarm off instead of hitting snooze.

I detest being late! I'm almost always early! I feel like a bad mom cuz the kidlet was late because of me. Granted she would have been just fine if I told her she could stay home today. Then hello, that would have been worse, telling her that she could stay home cuz i didn't feel like taking her to school!

Sorry, happy place, happy place, gotta find my happy place. Music! happy place! Have I mentioned how much I love Glee?

Sorry, just rambling today. Trying to get on track, so I can attempt to get something, anything done today!

I hope everyone has a great Friday!

Peace & Love!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

We are having some crazy weather here! This is just to & from my travels in taking the kidlet to school~today!

See the darkness in the distance? That's where I'm headed. (Ignore the cracked windshield)
Into the darkness. Yes I was driving thru a cloud. (Ignore the cracked windshield)

Back at home. Beautiful, isn't it? (Ha, tricked you! Now there is no windshield!)
Feeling a little dorkish today. Can you tell?? (I made a snowman with pictures!) I think I'm just happy to be out of the clouds. It's scary when it's wet & you can't see. Why did I take a picture then? Trust me, that was not the scary part, I didn't bust out the camera for the truly scary parts!
This just makes me chuckle...and feel old.

Peace & Love

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Million Years Ago

Shit, I don't even know how long ago it was. Here is a pic of my bff & myself. Jeez, was I cute as a bug or what? I may never (ok, WILL never look like that ) again, this pic gives me a goal! Look at that chin...there's only one! Barb's momma just put this on FB & I had to share.

Here's to the good ol' days! *raise my bottle of water*

Peace & Love. Cheers

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Music Monday Day!

I am so thankful it's time to work on Music Monday again! Paparazzi WOULD NOT leave my head! It was so bad, that before bed on Friday, I had to pull up the ol' youtube & listen/watch Glee's Halo/Walking on Sunshine & It's My Life/Confessions, which worked, but unfortunately, they are now stuck in my head. I'm listening to my Music Monday to review & see how the songs I picked go together, cuz yes, I did put some interesting things (at least to me) in there.

Happy Monday to all! I hope you enjoy this group of songs as much as I do!

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Peace & Love

Friday, October 9, 2009

Special Thanks

Thank you to my wonderfully, fantasticallistically, amazing friend, Brittany Greer! She made the great changes here so I will stop bitching about how I didn't like it after I messed with it. (I know she just did it, because she is truly a nice person.)

Thank you again! I loves you bunches!

Peace & Love

Happy Friday!

As you know, I constantly have songs, quotes, useless knowledge, whatever in my head. For the past few days, here is what has been stuck in my head:

This isn't what I was seeing, though. In my head, this is what I saw. This is Trisha from & this makes me chuckle every time I see it or think of it. I don't want to be laughing at 5:11 in the morning, though! I still had time to sleep & this was playing over & over!

I hope it brings a smile to your face, too.
Peace & Love

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pardon Me People, but...

I'm messing with the template, so it's going to look like shit here for a bit! Please be patient.

Peace & Love

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Application Process

As you know, I've been looking for work to help support the family, & I'm in "apply for anything" mode. I am completely amazed at what I have to go through to submit an application for a drug store or a movie rental place! It takes almost an hour just to get through everything, & just when you think you're done, "POOF!" you get buried in more questions. There are the normal questions about employment & education history, references, blah blah blah, & then they get to your personality questions.

1. If you catch someone stealing, what would you do?
a. Let them keep it. They obviously need it!
b. Yell "Thief!" & proceed to beat the little bastards.
c. Go tell the manager.

2. It's ok to wear skimpy clothing to work...
a. Duh, I'm a skank & need to show it if I got it!
b. Anyone who does this should he hung by their wrists & stoned!
c. No, it's best to always dress professionally at work.

3. It's best to be punctual...
a. Always.
b. Most of the time.
c. You mean I'm expected to show up?!

4. When was the first day of your last period?
a. Oops! Sorry, wrong set of questions!

You see where I'm going with this? When the hell did this happen? When I was in high school, the apps were no problem. It seems now that I'm an adult, & more responsible, they wanna know everything! My name, age, weight, name of first boyfriend, bra size, did I ever steal lip gloss when I was 7...Sheesh!

Ok, enough bitching. Wish me luck, people, I'm going back in!

She works hard to attempt to get the money!

Because Google suggested when I started typing, & I always do what Google says. Plus I'm always up for some Shakira!

Peace & Love

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Attention So Cal Women!

Attention Southern California women! My Manager, Friend/, & Financial Professional, Kelly Patterson is doing a wonderful thing by putting together FREE workshop for the ladies of So Cal!

You ever wonder where the hell your money goes each month? I do! Ok, so I can't balance a checkbook. I hope you all are better than I am, but if you're not or just need a refresher, please come check out the Women Creating Wealth workshop, & bring a friend! You're bound to learn something new!

If you have any questions, let me know & I'll do my best to get you some answers!

"Back by popular demand!!

Financial workshop created just for women! Ladies, we're going through some tough ecomonic times right now, arm yourself with simple steps on how to get out of the debt cycle and into a cash cycle, find the "holes in your budget" and invest for your future. Come join us for an afternoon of fun and much needed education. It's FREE! See attached flyer.

Hope to see you there!


Our Mission: 'To empower women to take control of their financial future'"

Peace & Love

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ok, It's Official, I Love This Playlist!!!!

I loooove doing the covers for Music Monday (even if it takes me hours looking them up)!!! I bet that if you look hard enough, you could find at least one other version of all of your favorite songs. Some of them, I just couldn't do because they were just plain bad! (Ex: White Stripes doing Dolly's Jolene. It was hard to decide whether or not I was going to laugh or cry!) When I told my hubby that I put in Pantera doing Cat Scratch Fever, I swear he had an O! I enjoyed putting these together, I hope you enjoy listening.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

I hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!

Peace, love, & hopefully a few smiles.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Calico In Review

It's old. It's dusty. It's rocky. Thank you. This has been Kim with your Calico Review. (Did I sell it or what?!)

They sure grow them big here! Can you believe she's only 2? (J/k-she's 3. Fine, she's 5. Cute ain't she?)

"Nice weather we're having..." "What? Oh, yes dear."

School. Need I say more?

How the natives wash their dishes.
A native airing out her pits (Love you Christy!)

I really should clean my house!

Does this angle make my butt look big?? Oh wait, it looks big from any angle!

Hehehehehe...Just having a little fun. Calico was a blast spent w/friends/family. I'm still tired, so maybe later, I can do a real review...or not.
Peace & Love

Friday, October 2, 2009

Oil of Old Age

Hello, friends! I'm back with another wonderful product for you! It's called Oil of Old Age. Do you look like this poor shmo here?

(I'm feeling brave...& yes I'm tired.)

When you rub it on your face, it takes away all of your imperfections...

Just paint your face back on & you're good to go!

Oil of Old Age. Get yours today at these fine retail stores:

Tarjay, Wallmart, Right-Aid, & Wallgreeneys

I couldn't leave everyone sad on a Friday. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Love to you all!

Peace, Love, & Good Skin

Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

It's early but I must do this before I forget. I'm not like everyone else. I'm more selfish & things don't affect me quite the same way. When I cry for someone I know who has died, I don't cry for them, I cry for me that they're gone & how that's going to affect me. I'm usually happy for them because they are out of pain (if they suffered) or in a better place, etc. A lot of people do this, they just don't realize it. I've dealt with enough loss in my time to figure this out about myself. Anyway, I'm straying...

My little (or not so little, anymore) puppy has gone missing. She is a pain in the ass, but like the other pains in my life, I love her. I went through my morning routine this morning starting out, without a dog on my feet, & made my coffee. Then what did I do? I went & sat outside as usual. I used to do it because I smoked ( haven't in a few months now) & then because the dog had to potty. It's friggin cold out there now! I had no reason to go out anymore, so why did I do it?

I took my daughter to school & came back & went through the front door instead of the garage hoping she'd be sitting there waiting for me by the door. I opened the blinds like I usually do so she can see outside.

How can something that has been in my life for a few months (& destroyed several of my things) affect me this way? She was destructive, & talked back whenever given an order, but she also was cute & loving. I still hold out hope, but I live in reality.

Good bye, my Hales, I will miss you.

(For those of you wondering: Yes, M is sad, but she seems to be taking it better than me.)

I may have used this song recently, but it sort of fits & The Violent Femmes can make anything better.


Update: about 1:30~She's home! She was in the street when someone picked her up yesterday. They took her to animal control today because the # on the tag was not clear. Thank you all so much for your support. I'm sooo happy!

Peace & Love

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