Friday, October 30, 2009

I Have an Interview!

Holy shit! I'm so excited & nervous! It has been ages it seems since the last time I have had one (like Feb or something).

Yes, it brings all my insecurities to the surface. The last time I held a steady job, was about a year ago, & by the time I left I had zero self worth. I was in a place where I couldn't do anything right & the harder I tried the worse it got. My relationship with my manager was extremely bad & she I were alone in the office quite a bit. What hurt the most was that she & I were friends at some time during my almost 10 yrs there, ok that & the fact that she almost left us without a place to live .(We had sold our house & were buying a new one. Everything was almost done, but she held up my work verification & then told them I had given notice & then almost didn't change it cuz she didn't like lying. Still a little angry, can you tell? It's taking everything I've got not to say mean things.)

So now a year later I have an interview for a job that I desperately need. Looking at the job description, yes, there are a few things I've never done, but I can learn! A majority of it is right up my alley!

If I get the position, my life would be so much better! I would be able to pay bills. Not worry about buying food. We would be able to have Christmas!!!

I guess this was my drawn out way of saying: If you pray, please pray for me. If you don't, or if you want, on top of praying, please cross everything you possibly can without hurting yourself. My family & I thank you!

If you have any advice, please share!

Peace & Love


  1. Good Luck Kimmy :)

    be positive and confident. YOU CAN Do This ! :)

  2. Wow I've got my legs crossed so hard I forgot I was crossing things for you and thought I must have to pee really really bad!

    Holding a candle up for you <3

  3. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you get the job. Thanks for your wishes.

  4. Good luck!! I hope you get the job and no longer have the worry!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. So how do you think you did?

    My advice? - Eat lots of candy!

    My Prayer - I pray that Kim the Magnificent get this job. I love her and she needs it. And I hope she follows my advice of eating lots of candy. Amen.

    *Slap* - Because you said you needed it.

    Lemme know how it went! I'm sure you did fine - you are an A+ person!

  6. Good Luck. Interviewing is one of those things I despise just because you never know what is going to get thrown your way. The only advice I can give is be yourself and be honest. It sounds like you went through quite a bit in your last job and you deserve a break. I hope you get it here.

  7. Sending good cyber vibes your way! Good luck!


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