Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What the Hell is Wrong With You?...The Game

Let's play a game. If you want to add any statements about yourself, go ahead, but here's my part. It's called What the Hell is Wrong With You? To play, you need to look at the statements & try to figure out which choice(s) go to each.

Here are your choices (Yes there is a theme!) You can choose 1 or any combo of the 4:

A) Dumb biatch, B) Crazy (Pms) biatch, C) Fat biatch , or D) Psycho Biatch (Hubby just told me to add this in.)

  • You get pissed off at the hubby & end up yelling "F*ck you!" to which he reciprocated & threw in a finger, just to one up me. (Did I have a good reason? Hey, don't give me shit! I apologized.)
  • You call him at work to explain to you how to put together the blender because it's taken apart in the dishwasher.

  • You yell at the dumbasses on the road. (I was born in Ca, road rage is in my blood!)

  • You start crying while watching tv (Bones makes everyone cry, right? & Why do they make those commercials so damn sweet?)

  • You have the urge to staple your hubby's cell phone to his ear. (I'm sure everyone has gone through this at least once in their relationship! He wants me to use tape. "Staples would hurt. Can't you tape it?" Wah wah wah.)

  • You feel so round that you're afraid to bend over for fear that you may start rolling.

  • You threaten him if he touches your chocolate pudding pies.
  • You get so excited about a grocery store, so spread the good word to everyone! (I love WinCo!)

Wow, reading back I'm now amazed he stays in the same house!

Okay now, I dare you to guess which is which. What is your prize? Well you get to insult me (& yourself if you play along) for free! Aren't I so giving today?

Peace & Love , people. Peace & Love.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


One of the things they (Primerica) teach in our weekly class is that if you don't write down your goals, it's like not having them. Here are my goals:
  • See 2-3 people a week for work
  • Clean: pick up more, so the damn goat will stop eating random things (this time it was a box of kleenex-box included! Oh, & a dollar bill.)
  • Get more organized: Hell, I may be able to find things!
  • Exercise on my non-walking days.
  • Remember to blog weekly: Make it bigger & better...nah, I'll just remember to write.
  • Fundraising (short term goal): Still have fundraising to do! Click here if you'd like to donate!

I'm sure there are more, but these were the most important (ok, not writing this). I know that "be a better wife & mother" should be on here, steps people, baby steps.

I'm feeling very Tori today, so here is something soothing & beautiful.

My lesson for everyone today: Write your goals down, you may actually reach them!

Peace & Love

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Ok, I'm not smart enough to make the little widget show, but the winner is lucky #7! Congratulations Denise Kaar!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Peace & Love

Timeshare Raffle Ending Tonight @ 6 pm PST

As of 2pm PST (if more people are entered in the contest before 6, I will add them) these are the people entered to win. You are on this list in the order that you donate. At 6, I will choose a winner using
  1. Annona Mouse #1 (yes, I know who this is, but if they put anonymous when donating, I'm not naming them now.)
  2. Chris A
  3. Richard B
  4. Renee A
  5. Anni G
  6. Colette B
  7. Denise K
  8. Rose C
  9. Annabelle
  10. Maria E
  11. Andrew H
  12. Joe & Pola
  13. Birdy H
  14. Harry A
  15. Barbara K
  16. Prema M
  17. Heidi P
  18. Steve H
  19. Robin & Danny K
  20. Annona Mouse #2

Peace & Love

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cranky Kim Rears Her Ugly Head

Where ,oh where, has my sanity gone?
Oh where, oh where can it be?
I thought I saw it in the toilet...
Turned out it was just my pee.

Now that is just not right! How could you write something like that? Um, read the first line. I lost my sanity! Hehehehe... I read my friend Brittany's blog on why she shouldn't write while on her period cuz she's bitchy (paraphrasing, sorry!) & thought to myself: Self, I says, at least she's got a reason! I unfortunately can not use the p-word as an excuse, I do have plenty of others, though. You wanna here them, here they go (just had an In Living Color moment~Damn you Jack & Stench!):

  • Hubby's working nights
  • I've been driving 200 miles a day for the last 4 days, just to get my daughter to & from school.
  • It's been just M & me...& I'm no Daddy (he is toy to all in this house!)
  • My 5 month old (goat) puppy ate my earphones (& my dmv registration renewal last week) & then purged them on the carpet~in front of my sleeping husband
  • My house is a mess & the maid seems to be on vacation (that bitch should be fired!)
  • My printer decided to break up w/my computer (Why???)
  • A kidlet in M's class asked me if I'm gonna have a baby (Damn kids & their free-speaking ways!)
  • I haven't smoked in 13 days (& I'm tempted, but haven't)
  • I tried eating right & did ok until yesterday, so I'm still fat.
  • There is only 2 more months until the Avon Walk & I'm only a little over 1/2 way there

And in happy news:

  • I haven't smoked in 13 days!
  • I'm over 1/2 way to my goal for the Avon Walk!
There are a few days left for the Timeshare Promotion. Come on people, get your donations in to get in the drawing on the 15th. I will be using to pick a winner & your # is given by the date your donation was received. And if you're feeling extra special generous, my friend Heather, who is also doing the walk, could really use your help, too! Thank you!

Just cuz I love me some Pink:

Peace & Love

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