Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What the Hell is Wrong With You?...The Game

Let's play a game. If you want to add any statements about yourself, go ahead, but here's my part. It's called What the Hell is Wrong With You? To play, you need to look at the statements & try to figure out which choice(s) go to each.

Here are your choices (Yes there is a theme!) You can choose 1 or any combo of the 4:

A) Dumb biatch, B) Crazy (Pms) biatch, C) Fat biatch , or D) Psycho Biatch (Hubby just told me to add this in.)

  • You get pissed off at the hubby & end up yelling "F*ck you!" to which he reciprocated & threw in a finger, just to one up me. (Did I have a good reason? Hey, don't give me shit! I apologized.)
  • You call him at work to explain to you how to put together the blender because it's taken apart in the dishwasher.

  • You yell at the dumbasses on the road. (I was born in Ca, road rage is in my blood!)

  • You start crying while watching tv (Bones makes everyone cry, right? & Why do they make those commercials so damn sweet?)

  • You have the urge to staple your hubby's cell phone to his ear. (I'm sure everyone has gone through this at least once in their relationship! He wants me to use tape. "Staples would hurt. Can't you tape it?" Wah wah wah.)

  • You feel so round that you're afraid to bend over for fear that you may start rolling.

  • You threaten him if he touches your chocolate pudding pies.
  • You get so excited about a grocery store, so spread the good word to everyone! (I love WinCo!)

Wow, reading back I'm now amazed he stays in the same house!

Okay now, I dare you to guess which is which. What is your prize? Well you get to insult me (& yourself if you play along) for free! Aren't I so giving today?

Peace & Love , people. Peace & Love.

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