Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cranky Kim is Back!

I have a sink, full of dishes, calling me. I have work calling me. The shower is calling me. I'm ignoring them all (ok, I should probably not ignore the shower for too much longer).

So far I have had a week that has left me in a fairly crabtastic mood. Being broke, tends to leave most people that way. Having a husband who doesn't quite understand the concept of broke doesn't help either (If they're short on funds, who the hell buys steak?!).

On Sunday, I went to the OC Fair. I had a wonderful time, had some simply sinsational food (I refuse to even look at the scale), & got to hang out with my friends. I got to meet (& hug) Jack & (wave to) Stench/Stretch (that guy is friggin huge, but hey, I'm only 5' 1") from the Jack & Stench show. I had so much fun that it was worth the sunburn on my scalp & chest.

The week went downhill from there. Eric had to ask his momma to borrow money for groceries (he didn't even go to WinCo!) because our bank account is tapped until tomorrow (yes, I went to the fair, but I had free tickets & ride passes, so don't give me shit). The credit card he had didn't have enough room on it for what he got (damn it, he should have gone to WinCo!) & now our business is aired for the family. (Shit! Ignore everything you just read!)

Since there seems to be a problem with my delete button, I'll keep going. I need to pay M's school for this week plus at least part of the registration charges for the coming school year. We keep on adding on the credit card to pay for gas...blah, blah, blah...I think my bitching is done for now.

On a happy note, I'm still not smoking, though heaven knows I've needed 1 or 5 (Ahhh, those vibrating foot massage chairs at the fair! Ahem, sorry.) because of the stress. I'm also only $150 from my goal for the Avon Walk. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I mentioned how fabulous the weather is today?

The next week should be different, better. "The sun will come out tomorrow!"

Yes, I'm a little ashamed, so just keep it to yourself.

Peace & Love

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