Friday, August 28, 2009

Opposite Day

After reading Kadi's post this morning at Womb at the Innsane, I decided that I need to do an opposite day. If I knew everything & shit sunshine (I kept it clean in your comments, Kadi), then everyone will follow & love me! So let me tell you a little about me (with some sunshine thrown in.):

  • I am a 30 year old wife & mom.
  • I am completely even tempered.
  • I have an an amazing husband & a perfect child.
  • I am the happiest woman alive. How can I not be w/the perfect hubby & child?
  • I keep my house spotless, the refrigerator full, & the laundry is always put away.
  • My daughter never gets dirty & never makes a mess.
  • My dog never attacks any of my things.
  • I have no problems at all. With the perfect family & household, what problems could there be?
  • I am an expert in child rearing.
  • I am extremely outgoing. I am frigging amazing.
  • I know all there is about HTML & blogging. If anyone has questions, they can always come to me.
  • I am the Director of Bullshit at the prestigious Mentally Inked Inc.
  • I am Vice President in charge of publicity at the same company.
  • I am awesome on Opposite Day!
  • I went to college for 4 years & have a degree in ...

Jeebus, I just can't do this. I guess I will never be popular or queen of the blogosphere.

I guess I am a failure at Opposite Day! I can come up w/lies, but not well enough to put them in paragraph form. I guess I'll have to stick to Queen of the House the Tornado Hit. To keep myself humble, y'all may stick to calling me Kim.

Thank you to those of you who do follow & read & like me for me. I appreciate you all!
Peace & Love

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  1. I love ya just the way you are! If you were any of those things on your list, I'd just have to hate you and kick yer @ss! =)


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