Friday, August 21, 2009

Just Another Manic...Friday?

It seems as this week has been a week for breakdowns. I was very nearly included in that, but I decided that I didn't feel very breakdownish around my appointed time (Yes, I made an appointment for a break down. Everyone else was having one & I didn't want to intrude on their pain or the love they got from others.), so I cancelled my appointment. So, that means I'm not going to get into it. I still want love, hugs, pizza, bacon, & sushi, though. If you've got any to give, then I want it. (Greedy bitch, ain't I?)

So what has helped me get through the week? Well there has been a combo of things:

I have my daughter (her vacay has just started) & that is a mixed blessing. I love her to pieces, but she makes me nuts ( & not worry too much about my other shit).

There have been my friends (Like I said, rough week for a lot of people & if you're trying to cheer them up, you're also distracting yourself. My answer for everything: crazy glue & duct tape. Just trust me! That may sound selfish, but I never claimed I wasn't.) On a normal day week/day, they are ALL highly entertaining in their (I almost spelled it they're, just to mess w/one of them!) own ways & there (tempted yet again!) for you if you need them. They circle the wagons around anyone of us in need. (I love & appreciate you all.)

Even the dog distracts me (Who knows what she'll eat next? Yes, it'll cost me, thus adding to my problems, but it's almost like a game before walking through the door, you have to make a guess on whether or not she destroyed something & if so, what. It was the Clue dvd, in the living room, with those razors we call teeth. )

True Blood has also helped my escape from reality (Damn it, I have to wait until Nov for New Moon. This at least helps give me my vamp fix!) While I tried to read the books years ago & couldn't get into them, I do like the series & finding the episodes online has been an adventure.

Jack & Stench (or Stretch) have helped. Listening to their problems, rantings, or just reading of the Craig's List Ads are always good for a laugh or just relief that it's not me. (Figuring out that I am a mix of Stench AND his wife was not pleasant, though!)

And we can not forget my my love of the cheese! As we speak (or as I write), I am listening to cheese on Youtube. My love of cheese (ie teeny bopper movies, etc.) has gotten me through many a rough time.

The hubby is noticeably absent from this list. He adds to my stress, just as I'm sure I am adding to his. I love him to pieces, but he's not allowed back on this list until he agrees to rub my feet again!

I have given myself this week to dwell & get adjusted to M being off school, so this weekend I need to make sure that I get my shit together & start fresh on Monday (& be productive, damn it!).

It was teeny bopper or this & I stand by my decision.

Peace & Love

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  1. Hi kim! I had the same problem finding the true blood episodes. Try ... hope this makes it easier on you. SMILE! :)


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