Wednesday, July 22, 2009


One of the things they (Primerica) teach in our weekly class is that if you don't write down your goals, it's like not having them. Here are my goals:
  • See 2-3 people a week for work
  • Clean: pick up more, so the damn goat will stop eating random things (this time it was a box of kleenex-box included! Oh, & a dollar bill.)
  • Get more organized: Hell, I may be able to find things!
  • Exercise on my non-walking days.
  • Remember to blog weekly: Make it bigger & better...nah, I'll just remember to write.
  • Fundraising (short term goal): Still have fundraising to do! Click here if you'd like to donate!

I'm sure there are more, but these were the most important (ok, not writing this). I know that "be a better wife & mother" should be on here, steps people, baby steps.

I'm feeling very Tori today, so here is something soothing & beautiful.

My lesson for everyone today: Write your goals down, you may actually reach them!

Peace & Love


  1. Yay Tori! Here is my goal: Get some coffee... wait for it to work and see if anything productive comes about.

    Baby steps, right? ;)

  2. You know, a great lady once said "Failing to Plan is planning to fail." Who was that great lady??? Mary Kay. You've taken the first step by writing down your goals....not go be successful!!! hehehehehe!


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