Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

We are having some crazy weather here! This is just to & from my travels in taking the kidlet to school~today!

See the darkness in the distance? That's where I'm headed. (Ignore the cracked windshield)
Into the darkness. Yes I was driving thru a cloud. (Ignore the cracked windshield)

Back at home. Beautiful, isn't it? (Ha, tricked you! Now there is no windshield!)
Feeling a little dorkish today. Can you tell?? (I made a snowman with pictures!) I think I'm just happy to be out of the clouds. It's scary when it's wet & you can't see. Why did I take a picture then? Trust me, that was not the scary part, I didn't bust out the camera for the truly scary parts!
This just makes me chuckle...and feel old.

Peace & Love


  1. OMG Kimmy you have a cracked windshield!!!! ;P

  2. HeeHee I can't believe you went back to Milli Vanilli! Awesom song from "back then" :) I think your blog is great and I have a blog award for you if you come to my blog to pick it up

  3. I think the scary part was milli vanilli!


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