Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dogoat Has Struck Again

Eric's jacket. (I was just putting in my Pirates movie & saw it on the ground.) The gaping hole was part of the collar.
Monday~Eric left his hat on the counter...

Snow White has lost her arms & legs. (The missing clothes are courtesy of M.)

We went out of our way to find her & this is how she repays us...this week. I don't know what to do as we just don't have the funds to keep replacing the things she is destroying. And we still can't let her roam free outside...
I suppose I should be thankful, since the rage I am feeling is saving me from the dark hole I was slipping into.

Peace & Love


  1. I love my Dog <3 and when she was a puppy we lost 3 garden hoses (Hubby thought it was a good idea to buy another one right away and put it right back in the same spot) the automatic sprinkler system (she loves water)the carpet in the den, the oriental rug in the bedroom (I had to protect her from Hubby for that one and a few others)a beautiful accent table (I liked it a lot, but it wasn't alive and couldn't love me)
    um, let's see... computer cords, shoes, towels, rose bushes, plants, etc.

    Now I have tennis balls and rawhide bones in various chewed stages spread around the house, I throw the balls away when they become hard to pick up, she eats the bones, IDK but these are the things that she is 'allowed' to chew up and she doesn't chew anything else up anymore :) of course she isn't a 'toddler' anymore LOL she stopped at around 2 people years.... Yes, it is hard to replace everything, I don't have another table or rug or new carpet, I do have new bushes and roses and sprinklers. Would I trade her for the things we lost? NO NO NO NO NO
    hope this helps you laugh at me and feel better :)

  2. I second that motion of anon-i-mouse. Chewers tend to grow out of the radom chew anything I can get my mouth on stage at about 2 years of age. Be sure to praise her lots and lots for chewing real chewy toys and bones, and reprimand her if you catch her chewing innapropriate stuff. If you reprimand her after the fact whe won't tie the behaviour with the punishment, though, so you have to catch her in the act. And that's my 2 sense. ;)

  3. Holy shitballs! Poor Snow White. I love Snow White. People in highschool would call me Snow White -'cause I was so darn white! Okay... I think we need an intervention!

  4. Nicole, that is not the firt barbie-like doll, that just happens to be the one she got this week.

  5. So y'all found your doggy!? I remember reading your post about your doggy missing. I am SO happy.

    Now then, most dogs grow out of chewing. It's something ALL puppies do. Then, if you teach them it's not ok, they are usually over it before they are 2.

  6. Hi Sara! Yep, we got her back the next day! Thank you! So, we have to put up w/this for another year+?! I'm hoping she stops before then!

  7. She can stop sooner if you train her hard. Nice, of course, I just mean never let off of it while training her. When Oakley was a baby she ate my shoes. I would call her to my shoes, make her look at them while sitting, then fuss at her and spank her butt (not hard). She learned very quick to not do that. Training pets is really like raising children, from what I can tell. Repeat things, punish when bad, reward when good, and teach them was is ok and what isn't. :)


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