Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh Glee, How I Love Thee!

As we already know, I'm a little off. Not like that! I'm perfectly normal, damn it! (Maybe not, since I'm arguing w/myself & imaginary people.) Aaaanyway...I've been down.

Money problems will do that. I'm looking for work & it's not going so well. I'm borrowing money (out the wazoo) from family, but it's like putting a band-aid on a giant gaping wound. I've been trying to either sleep my problems away or watch tv/movies to distract me.

I grew up watching, & digging, musicals (my grandparents had them & from what I can tell the love runs in the family). In this day & age, it makes me a little weird, I know. Don't get me wrong, I don't like them all. Hell, I haven't even seen The Sound of Music (insert collective gasp here). If you are a Twitter or Facebook friend, there will be times that you just get lines from some of the musicals (most recently The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) from me. I'd apologize in advance, but if I was sorry, I wouldn't do it.

Also, if you've been reading my blog for more than a second, you'd see my love of music. I love all sorts (I tend to only post the upbeat for y'all), including some of the music Putumayo puts out, even though I don't understand most of the songs. Music soothes me. Plain & simple, music makes me happy.

Enter teenybopper show, Glee. I saw the commercials & like a lot of people, never thought twice about it. Sure I like Jane Lynch, but what the fuck do I care that she's got a show on tv? Then I kept seeing random things on FB from people saying how much they liked the show. Ok, I can't say that I don't like something if I haven't seen it, so I thought I'd give it a try (thank you Hulu!). They were already 4 or 5 episodes into the season & once I watched the first one, I had to watch them all!

I loved it. I loved the cheesiness of it, the high strung girl, the bad boy, the jock, the gay guy, the black chick, the Asian chick, the bitchy cheerleader, wheelchair guy...& the rest(here on Gilligan's Island!). I love watching the happenings in the storyline of them trying to get to Sectionals.

The songs, some I've heard & some I hadn't, all sounded great to me (ok, the jock doesn't blow me away, but nothing is perfect). Songs put together that I never would have listened to, made me search out the originals.

Again, music has made me happy. This show in all it's bitchy, cheesy, Slushee, funny, dance-y, musically wonderful glory helps to make me a happy camper when all I want to do is cry. Who can cry when a white guy is singin the Thong Song?!

If you wanna make fun of the show, watch it first, then you can make fun of it. But I hope you love it instead.

Ok, it also helps that they have some cutie-pies in it. I'm a sucker for a cutie in a little Mohawk!

Peace & Love


  1. I personally LOVE musicals and Glee!!! I could watch it all day!

  2. I love Glee too! I am big into theatre arts, musicials, music in general, etc. I think it's so funny, but mostly I just love to hear them sing. haha

  3. DeeSmiley (Denise)October 24, 2009 at 7:28 AM

    I haven't watched this show yet but have heard from at least 3 people that its good. Thanks for posting the clips, now I can see that I would like it! I love music too!! Musicals are fun, but I feel the same way, music can definitely change my mood!

  4. I love Glee. I started out watching it with my 10 yr old daughter (um big no no). So now I just watch it by myself :).

  5. I couldn't believe he sand the Thong Song to a chick in a wedding dress that was SO FUNNY!

  6. I love this show!! The thong song one was so funny!! I also loved the one where they did Single Ladies on the football field!! LMAO!!

  7. I loved the mash ups. They were just soo awesome! I'd never heard Halo or Confessions before. I watched the Thong Song thru my fingers the first time!

  8. I am a big Glee fan! I watched the pilot so many times, it isnt' even funny. I might watch it again, right this minute.


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