Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bux-em in Oh Ten

Damn, that's not quite right. Oh well, it fits me just fine.

So how are y'all? I hope you had a wonderful & safe New Year's Eve & Day! Me? I have a friggin cold. Don't make me laugh, so I don't start hacking! I'm trying so hard not to laugh, but I am fortunate to have so many friggin amusing people in my life. I love y'all & you're killin me! My jaw hurts from smiling & my chest hurts from laughing.

Oh what a horrid life I have, right? For my first post of 2010, I wish my horrible life on you!

May you all have horrible friends & family that make your jaw & chest hurt from happiness!

Damn, I'm getting sappy in my old age! I feel like maybe I should give y'all the finger or something to make up for it. Maybe next time!

I can't think of a good song at the moment, so I'm gonna do shameless plugs for people, that I'd love you to support. Great, great, great causes! You know I don't plug things unless I truly believe in them.

Boobs for Anissa Calendars: Click here to see & then ORDER one (or ten), please! (I've never met her, but her story brings me to tears w/every update I read. You wanna read a wonderfully true story of hope & love, check out Anissa's family's story.)

My friend Maria's son got in to the exchange program to go to school in JAPAN!!! (How awesome is that???) Please help her with tuition, by donating here. Every little bit helps! Even if it's a teensy weensy amount, she'll appreciate it!

I found one! I'm obsessed w/this song today!

Peace & Love


  1. Hope you are feeling better, Punk!

  2. Hope *hack* you *hack* get *hack* to *hack* feeling *hack* better *hack* soon *hack, hack, hack*!! :)


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