Friday, January 8, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast...

What do you tell your kids when they ask you questions that you're not ready for them to know the answers to? I for one, answer M truthfully & to the best of my (not so) vast knowledge.

I drove M down the hill today to get her TB test looked at (everything was A-ok) & on the way she asked me if gay people were real. "Uh, yeah. Do you know what gay is?" "When a man marries a man & a woman marries a woman." Ok, close enough for me, she's got the jist of it.

I told her that they were different (she's used to mommy & daddy), but we do not treat them badly because of that, right? "Right." We like auntie, right? "Right." We think auntie is cool? She's silly, right? "Yes." We do not treat anyone badly because they are different from us, right? "Right."

"How do gays have babies?" WTF? When did it turn out to be one of these days? She hasn't even asked where babies come from! So I did my best to go over adoption, insemination, surrogates. She just kept getting hung up on men making the women carry the babies for them & that that was better. I kept trying to explain adoption & the babies that need love. We weren't agreeing on this part cuz we "weren't getting it". Yes, she told me that I wasn't getting what she was trying to say. (I wish I had videoed this part.)

I asked her where this came from. "American Dad." Ah yes. A reminder that I'm up for the #1 Mom award.

We then moved on to the women, as she just decided men couldn't have babies & the women had to carry them. "So if 2 women kiss, are there 2 babies?" Oh jeebus... No, monkey, there needs to be a sperm & an egg. If there's not both, there's no baby. I skimmed over artificial insemination/other options. "What's a sperm." It's comes from the man & is what's needed to fertilize the egg. "Oh, ok."-thank goodness, we're done- "What's fertilize?" Well shit, fuck, shit! Why can't this convo end??? The sad thing is I blanked! I know what it is basically, but I couldn't explain it to her!

Here is our convo where she tried to explain it to me(we were in the car, you probably need headphones):

Side note: We watched 4 Christmases, which she really enjoyed. Why is it that I am more terrified of her finding out there is no Santa than explaining this stuff to her?

Peace & Love

*Anyone who has a problem w/how I explained...whatever. I did the best I could in telling her & the best I could in recapping it for y'all. Thanks!*


  1. Oh my word. I think you did a good job explaining things, especially since she is so little. I love that you are raising her to accept gay people. I have real issues with parents who raise their children to hate gay people. I could barely hear her in the video, but I got a kick out of watching her facial expressions and hand motions. Too cute.

  2. I think you did a fine job explaining. I try and answer those the best I can without giving "all" the info that Im not ready for her to know.

  3. Gotta love those discussions. My oldest's best question to me was "Why is my penis so small?" Talk about drawing a BLANK, omg!

  4. LMAO I told Stoney what happened and he was laughing hard. I think you did great! We try to be honest with the girls as well and explain stuff to them when they ask.

  5. Oh My! Yeah, gotta love those conversations! LOL! Whenever I draw a blank when my daughter asked those type of questions, I am honest with her and tell her that either 1) I don't know or 2) its really hard to explain, let me think about it and get back to you. Then I go online and see if there are any materials to help explain it.

    When her Dad and I explained how babies are made, he drew pictures. It was hysterically funny and he was very nervous in telling her, but the pictures helped her to understand exactly how an egg is fertilized.


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