Sunday, January 31, 2010

Food Journal/Mamavation Monday

Mon, Jan 25th

coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast: eggs w/turkey, cheddar cheese, & avocado & 2 pc of wheat toast w/Fabio
hot cocoa made w/1% milk
Lunch: Turkey, Provolone & avocado on wheat toast (sammich-mm mm m mm mm) w/yogurt, honey, & granola
Dinner: Wendy's chicken sammich & caesar salad
72 oz of water so far
sliver of choc chip danish (pms, you threaten to take away my sweets, we're gonna have a problem)

I chewed as slowly as I could. Sometimes, I had to remind myself.

Tues, Jan 26th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
breakfast: kashi go lean crunch
yummy hot cocoa
24 oz of water
Lunch: Lean Pocket the garlic chicken one, 1 nanner
24 oz of water
16 oz of water
Dinner: Second verse, same as the first...j/k We had Wendy's again, so the same thing as last night minus the danish

Wed, Jan 27th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
breakfast/lunch: Hummus & whole wheat pita chips, 1 cup of v8 berry (yummy, all of it!)
1 happy cow cheese
1 cup of v8 berry
roast beef, mashed tatoes & carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (sm cup of cream soda)
72 oz of water

Breakfast & lunch is bad, I know. I went to the store & missed breakfast. I just got my pyramid & don't really feel like eating eating. But I'm making up for it. Get this, I'm making dinner! Ok, pick your jaw up of the floor. Yup, I'm making a roast!

Thurs, Jan 28th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast: Lean Pocket w/eggs bacon & cheese
Lunch: Hummus, carrots & whole wheat pita chips
Dinner: Chili, Fritos, & cheese (I ate slow & savored) sm cup of cream soda
Dessert: 1 snickerdoodle & 1 tiny piece of dough
64 oz of water (I fell asleep before being able finish)

Fri, Jan 29th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast: Eggs w/roast beef (yep, from my roast!), mushrooms, & cheese & a whole wht bagel w/Fabio
Lunch: Hummus, wheat pita chips & carrots
1 snickerdoodle
48 oz of water so far
12 oz blue moon
Dinner: clam chowder, 1 biscuit, 1/2 size portion crab alfredo, 1 margarita (Red Lobster-so super yummy all of it!) I think I got a bite of salad in there too b4 dinner came
16 oz of water

I had dinner w/friends at Red Lobster. Yummy!

Sat, Jan 30th
coffee w/splenda & 1% milk
Breakfast:eggs w/roast, mushrooms & cheese & a wheat bagel w/Fabio
Lunch: Hummus w/carrots & wheat pita chips, v8 berry
1 sugar cookie w/sprinkles
Dinner: nachos w/carne asada, cheese, & sour cream & a sm cup of cream soda
64 oz of water

I've lost 3 lbs this week! I'm back at the weight when I started (I think...Leah?)! I think most of you know that I am on medication for my thyroid &for high blood pressure. A couple weeks ago, I was out of both for a few days-1 week & put on 5 lbs that week. Last week I was at 214.5 & was happy, but thought it was a fluke & didn't mention it.

I've come to realize how important my medicine is. Yes, I know they're important to my health or I wouldn't be on them, but they are also important to my weight. I put on over 30 lbs last year before we knew I had a thyroid problem. The year before, I trained for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer & not only did I not lose any weight, I put it on. WTF, right? Meds are important!

Anyway, while not eating perfectly, I have cleaned up my act a lot & I think it's starting to show. My goal for this week is to start exercising. Short & simple, that is my goal.

I have been eating slower thanks to Pete Cohen (I made that my goal for this last week) & I think it makes a big difference.

Peace & Love (& more lbs off in the new week!)


  1. Great job! yes - the meds are important and I'm happy that you realize that. Pete is totally awesome isn't he?

  2. Where are you getting all these cookies?????

  3. I'm on Synthroid (I had thyroid cancer) so I know how you feel about the meds. They are very important and you do notice the weight gain and other changes within a few days of not taking them. Keep focused on your goals and you will do this.

  4. Congrats on the loss! I am not a huge seafood person...but yummy are those redlobster bisquits! mmm making my mouth water!

  5. Woo, glad you lost those lbs. girl! So glad you mentioned "slow down chewing" because I have pelicans gulping their food at the dinner table. I didn't know everyone was calling each other for support?! That is way cool and it helped you get through your lunges! Proud of you Kim and please stay on your meds, especially when you know now how important they are. Oh and DRINK!!!

  6. omg...i love you girl!!
    i soo have to remind myself to eat slower.... i am writing that in my food journal so i don't forget!! I have always eaten soo fast, not sure where that comes from?

    way to go on the 3lbs!! that is awesome!!
    and please stay on your meds.... can't screw around with that stuff

    keep it up!!

  7. It funny you talked about meds in your post. I was thinking about that the two I am on. On for my headaches and one for my derpression. Its a lot when you think about it your so right, but you can't mess with things like that I know! and way to go on your three pound weight loss!

  8. Great weight loss! The gal I workout with is on medication for her thyroid, too. Working out can be frustrating for her when she isn't seeing results on the scale, but I know she is making progress towards better health. Keep up the great work. I know you can do it!!

  9. Great job! Sounds to me like you had a really good week! Keep up the good work!

  10. Good job on eating those treats SLOWLY so that you enjoy them and don't over-indulge. That is so important!!

    I think a turkey, cheese, and avocado sammich sounds lovely. Might have to try that!

    Keep up the good work - you're doing great!

  11. Lunges. Hate. Love. Hate. Mostly hate. No one likes lunges, so every single one you do it worth celebrating!!

  12. Woot woot for weight loss! I have you beginning at 212.5. Is that where you are now? Or better? XXOO

  13. Seafood eatin', I heard you like Red Lobster

    That Pharrell lyric ALWAYS goes through my head when I hear of or see a Red Lobster.

    Anyway I gotta avoid heading to your meticulous tracking when I am hungry. I will eat after this. You are doing great! Congrats on the loss in the last week.

  14. oooooh! I should try them while on the phone! How smart is that! You're doing awesome! <3

  15. I just commented on another blog how I am also trying to eat slower. I have been conditioned for some many years to eat as fast as I could in the time alotted that I have a hard tome slowing down unless I am really thinking it.
    Glad to hear you are back on your meds and on the right track with a great loss.
    Don't let yourself run out again!

  16. Great weight loss. Impressed w your food journal! Keep up your hard work. It is paying off.=)

  17. My favorite part of your food journal is when you ate out at Red Lobster. I love Red Lobster, there's this pasta dish that has lobster and asparagus on a buttery wine sauce, ooohhhh, yummy! Sorry, I'm not being a good influencer on you.

    Yay on your 3 lbs lost last week! Keep it up! --- @ImAHotMom


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