Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm So Lazy Music Monday

Why oh why do I spend so much time on these??? Yes, I use songs that I have used before, if I think they fit, but these playlists still take me for-ever! Ok, I don't feel this one is complete, but I'm feeling incredibly lazy & don't wanna mess with it anymore.

I hope y'all have a wonderfully, fantastically, amazingly, great Monday (in other words, I hope y'all have the day off or if you're a SAHM, I hope your kids all nap or let you have more than 5 min of peace!)

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Peace & Love


  1. I'm loving the soundtrack.. You rock! I haven't heard Stacey Q in YEARS!

    Oh, and my little kiddie came to work w/ me yesterday. Wasn't near as disasterous as I expected but I wouldn't want to make it a practice.

  2. love "I hate everything about you"

    Simon and Garfunkel, huh? lol


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