Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Smooth Away

Ok, my mother in-law likes to get the As Seen On TV things for stocking stuffers. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don't.

The Smooth Away was one of the items in my stocking this last year (is she trying to tell me something? Nah, all the "girls" got them) & this morning I decided to try it, cuz I wasn't running enough behind.

First, let me say that this weird item actually works. Second, let me say that I feel like I have a rug-burn! I'm not a hairy person, but the fun in getting older is getting funky black hairs! I have blonde hair on my arms (weird, I know, I'm not blonde!) & on my face, but then there are the 3 weird black hairs!

Yes, I get lasered (pre-payed, I'll be paying for a few more months on the credit card. I regret the paying thing, but not the laser cuz it's just awesome.), but I have been lazy & haven't gone in the last couple months.

Anyway, I tried the Smooth Away on my chin & upper lip, (sexy, I know!) & my chin still friggin burns about 13 hours later. No, I'm not exaggerating! Luckily, my upper lip is just fine! Either I did something wrong, which I might have since I hate instructions, or there is something wrong w/it!
Did I push to hard in my effort to remove the 3 black hairs? It's like there should be a sign on it saying: To remove hair, just remove the top 3 layers of skin. Don't worry, the burning is normal!

Does this mean I won't try it on my legs? What, do you think I'm stupid? Of course I'm going to do it!

Peace & Love, people!


  1. I suddenly have that burning sensation now.

  2. oh how funny!! We got my FIL a snuggy for Christmas. Good luck with your legs :)

  3. I saw this on TV and debated it...let me know how it works on the legs. LOL You can be the guinea pig. ;)

  4. never tried it and thank I'll just stay ol' fashion with the razor. A friend of mine is married to one of the Yankees (New York Yankees that is) and she got all lazered... i am sure she could afford such luxuries and she LOVES her results.

    bitch. LOL

  5. "the fun in getting older is getting funky black hairs! " <----- WHAT? WHAT? WHAT??

  6. Lol at "girls" but I did a review thingy for this and yeah it worked but it felt weird. I thought hey cool beans I can use this (Since I can't use the nair and such) but it still burned for a bit so I don't know I haven't really even used it since I did the review lol.

  7. I have that! Works great on fine hairs (like my face) but it didn't work on the wire bristles on my legs. Still for my lady stache it works wonders and it's super easy! My tip, only rub as much as you need to and check progress frequently. Isn't being a woman fun! /:-\

  8. Damn I want to try the laser thing. I just say screw it and don't bother looking at those hairy spots.


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