Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Let's Try Something New Music Monday

Most of you know my love/hate relationship w/, & well the hate part finally won out. I love the simplicity of, but I hate not being able to find some of the songs I wanted.

I may try out a few different sites, I'm not sure yet, but this week I'm using Groove Shark. It's definitely different & I'm not sure I like it yet.

I think it'd be kinda nice to have a new, cute playlist to go w/my new site. Stay tuned cuz it's coming soon!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

*Grrrr I hate when songs aren't what they're supposed to be! Took me forever to get them how I wanted it & I didn't listen first! Sorry about that! I'm aware that Blue Monday is from New Order! I didn't mean for that one to be on this list!

Peace & Love

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  1. Great song choices! Have a wonderful Monday friend!


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