Sunday, February 7, 2010

Diary of a Mad Fat Woman:Mamavation Mon & Food Journal

Ok, I'm not really mad. Here is my food Journal for the week w/a tiny bit of exercise thrown in.

Sun, Jan 31st
Coffee w/1% milk & splenda
Breakfast: wheat bagel w/Fabio & a nanner
24 oz of water down
24 oz of water down
lunch: hummus w/carrots & most of a strawberry yogurt that m decided she didn't like. i cup v8 berry
Dinner: eggs w/roast beef, mushrooms, avocado & cheese. wheat bagel w/Fabio. small cup of cream soda. 2 pc of bacon (stinkin hubby had to cook it & it had to smell so good!), icky v8 low sodium (1 cup)
1 sliver of chocolate chip danish & cup of 2% milk

Mon, Feb 1st
coffee w/splenda & 2% milk
raisin brain w/ 1 or 2% milk (at mom's)
lean pocket garlic chicken, mushroom & wht sauce, hummus & carrots
hot cocoa made w/2%
chili, fritos, cheese & cup of cream soda

I walked around the mall today. not much, but it counts!!!!

Tues, Feb 2nd
coffee w/splenda & 2% milk
Smart ones breakfast sammich (canadian bacon egg & cheese), nanner
danced around the kitchen (food makes me happy, i guess) = )
Smart Ones roast beef & mashed tatos, (m's bowl-full of) yogurt, honey, granola & cinnamon (yum!)
about a tablespoon of cookie dough
cheddar cheese & apple (prob more cheese than i need, but i'll adjust next time)
48 oz of water down so far
did 20 jumping jacks w/Francee Haydel on twitter
24 oz of water
2 sm slices of turkey roast (i made it!!!) & 4 slices of sweet potato
a little more water

Wed, Feb 3rd
coffee in the usual way
Smart Ones breakfast sammich w/cheese, egg & canadian bacon & a nanner
1 piece of turkey roast torn up & put into 2 med tortillas w/1 slice of cheddar ripped in 1/2 (so yum!) & plain yogurt w/cinnamon, honey & granola (ah heaven!)
48 oz of water so far
20 lunges (thanks to Francee Haydel on twitter)
24 oz of water
2 slices of turkey roast & mac n cheese
a little more water

Thurs, Feb 4th
coffee w/Splenda & 2% milk
wheat bagel w/a slice of cheddar & a nanner, 1 cup of v8 berry
24 oz of water
hummus & carrots, yogurt w/granola, honey & cinnamon
24 oz of water
scrubbed dishes (yes & i'm counting as exercise) & did 10 girly push-ups & 10 crunches (w/Francee on twitter)
eggs & turkey bacon (5 pieces-a lot, I know)
yogurt w/honey, cinnamon, & granola
24 oz of water

Problems: I'm getting grossed out with all the chewing. Everything is getting mushy & the textures are making it hard for me to eat slow. I want to either rush through it or not eat. I don't like the mushy!

Fri, Feb 5th
coffee w/splenda & 2%- 2 cups
kashi go lean crunch w/2% milk
24 oz of water
lean cuisine ravioli
32 oz of water
crap! no fruits or veggies today! downed a cup of v8, yuck!
nachos w/carne asada & sour cream (my go-to junk) & dr pepper
32 oz of water

Sat, Feb 6th
coffee w/the usual
1/2 of a carne asada burrito (meat & tortilla only), 1 cup of v8
32 oz of water
grabbed a turkey burger patty at my mom's (literally just grabbed it out of the fridge & ate it~it was cooked), oh & 1/2 a piece of chocolate cake
Carl's Jr Grilled cheese (meat bacon, cheese~I won't do it again, I didn't like it much) & fries & root beer
16 or 17 oz of water
When I run around, I have a hard time meeting my water goal. & As you can see, today was not a very good eating day!

I did fairly well most of the week w/my eating. I ate slow(Thank you, Pete Cohen), I grossed myself out & may not want to eat again~ever. I lost 1/2 a lb this week. Not great, but the scale at least didn't go up.

I didn't move as much as I had hoped, but I did a lot of running around the house, even if it was just to pee...& trust me, I did run to pee. I have a friend on Twitter that is making me get off the computer & do 20 of something, maybe I need random people to do this as well!

My goal for this week again is to get my ass moving. I feel the weight will come off easier if I move!

Ok, there's more video than I wanted &the quality is shit, but the beginning was the part I wanted.

Peace & Love


  1. You did great girl! I need to move more but since I work at a desk job all day it's hard to get up and do a lot of moving. I need to also work on my water. Keep it up!

  2. You are doing great!! Focus on a little at a time.

  3. The fact you're recording it all so well is HUGE!!!!! Every morsel is accounted for! Keep it up!

  4. A workout is a workout no matter how short or long it is. You are consciously trying to move your butt so that's what matter. Great job. Congratulations on your 1/2 lb lost! Keep it up! --- @ImAHotMom

  5. What a great way to track all your food! That in itself holds you accountable. Good luck on moving more this week - I'll be doing that with you!

  6. lol, I hate mushy too. my mil keeps telling my kids to chew 22 times then swallow. i tell them just chew that you know it's not gonna make you choke or come out of you whole or half...tmi, i know. congrats on your 1/2 lb. lost. every bit counts! a bagel with fabio? you need to clarify that to me, lol "I can't believe it's not butter" butter you had? Over all, I think you are doing good with what you are eating. Keep it up with working in the workouts girl. Great job Kim dear :)

  7. Gulp, gulp! Keep on drinking that water, eating healthy and working out - you're doing an amazing job!

  8. whooo hoooo on the 1/2lb lost, hey i am grateful whenever i have a week that the scale goes in that direction. I didn't "move" much this week at all... really need to just do it! ugh!

    keep it up ,
    luv ya girl

  9. You really are doing a great job! Thanks for all the water drinking motivation. That is my main goal this week. I know you will have a great active week!

  10. Congrats on the loss!!! Mushy definitely sounds gross...I find I can not do the tons of chewing to eat slow, but I can set my fork down in between bites and do it more that way.

  11. You're doing great! That half pound is something to be proud of! You're making smart choices, you're taking baby steps, more stuff to be proud of.

    Keep it up!

  12. Baby steps girl you're doing great!

  13. I am so glad I met you through Gena's pushing for ya to be in mamavation on her TV show. Your descriptions are hilarious... the only thing missing is the word "smackerel." I am seeing a lot more soda on here than I thought I saw in the past, work on that. Also what is up with the lack of exercise? Regiment that in your planning!

  14. Be Frankin Fine! lol..I love that part!

    Hmmm,yeah..I would say moving more is definitely a good idea. ;) XXOO

    Maybe you should team up with Lisa. She has to get up off her ass throughtout the day. She can tell you when she is doing it.

  15. Baby steps! Logging your food certainly helps. you can look at it and begin to re-evaluate what you are eating. Make adjustments for the following week and see more weight come off by your actions.
    1/2 a pound down is still 1/2 a pound down. Be proud!

  16. Look at you! You are eating good. It is hard to get moving. I am with you on that but you can do it! OH and I am with you on the bathroom runs. I do that too! So keep running to the bathroom.;)

  17. You are doing really well with the eating. For me, I eat better when I'm exercising, because those empty calories aren't worth it. I look at the glass of soda and think how much more work I'm going to have to put in, and I have water instead. Usually.

    Keep up the good work!!

  18. you're doing great keeping up your food journal, I"m like having major fail with mine =[


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