Sunday, February 14, 2010

So You Had a Bad...Week: Mamavation Mon & Food Journal

Sun, Feb 7th
was bad & I'm not going to record it for you so = p

Mon, Feb 8th
coffee w/splenda & 2% milk
hummus & carrots & wheat pita chips (for those of you following along, you know that a pita chip attacked me today & tried to slice my tongue)
32 oz water
coffee w/splenda & 2% milk (i was cold! much better than cocoa...less calories)
2o jumping jacks (Lisa Samples made me move)
roast, potatoes, carrots (I even put some meat back since I cut it & it turned out to be a ton!)
32 oz water

Tues, Feb 9th
about 5 sips of coffee in the usual way
eggs w/roast beef, mushrooms, cheese, 2 pc of whole wheat toast w/fabio (i only ate 1 1/2 pc) & a nanner
did about 10 min of Hip Hop Abs
stretched for 5 min
20 jumping jacks
hummus w/carrots & wheat pita chips, yogurt w/cinnamon, honey & granola
32 oz of water
stretched (about a min) & then ran/jogged in place & around the house for about 3 min *wheeze*
50 jumping jacks (yes, my boobs hurt between the running & this, i'd be ok if they fell off!)
32 oz of water
roast beef, carrots & tiny bit of tater. 1/2 pc choc cake
still drinkin water

Wed, Feb 10th
coffee w/sugah & 1% (I ran out of splenda)
whole wheat bagel w/lite cream cheese & a nanner
hummus, carrots, & wheat pita chips
32 oz of water
1 choc chip cookie
frito pie (fritos, cheese & chili), smart ones mint ice cream thingee, 1 cup of v8~needed a veggie (for anyone wondering, yes, it's completely nasty after mint ice cream.)
32 oz of water

Ok, my week was bad-ish food-wise. I didn't even finish my food journal, not cuz it was horrible, cuz I didn't feel like it. I had obviously some very good moments, but not all of them were.

I had a rough week & it affected everything I did. Yup, I put on a lb & I got a new scale. The scale is a little more detailed & a lot more mean. The #'s on the new scale are higher up. (Next week I will start doing by that one & all, ALL of my previous #s will not matter.)

For Kia: I only had soda twice this week. But sadly there were 2 days this week where I only had 32 oz of water.
For Lisa: See, I didn't lie! I actually moved! Now I need to do that more than once a week!

I have a lot to work on this week! I hope that mentally I can get my head around it. This funk really messed me up (for those of you who don't know, I'll write another post about it.). I really just hope that it is done!!!

I know that last week I didn't read most of your posts. I'm sooo sorry & WILL do better this week. (I was even off of twitter for a good part of 2 days!)

For all the new sistas: Welcome!

Everyone: I'm sorry that I'm sucking this week!!!!!

Peace & Love (& hugs to all!)


  1. wtg on only havng Soda twice this week! And look at you mving!see you are doing it, just remeber that! Also remeber you rock my socks! @beeacutie2

  2. every day is a new day girl. dont dwell. move on and set goals. Keep up the workouts!!! And getting soda out of your diet is huge!!! Keep it up. You'll see great things! Very proud of you :)

  3. We all suck sometimes. Good thing you belong to a group of women that don't care if you suck and just want to support you. We are here through good times and bad. No judgment. XXOO

  4. Just take things one day at a time. You're doing great!

  5. I sucked two weeks ago, but I vowed to step it up a notch. We all go through it, being successful depends on whether you get back onto the horse or not. You can do this! I want to ride alongside you. Let's do this!

  6. You rock girl...just rock and move now! Sorry I missed you this week...

  7. Don't apologize, it happens. Forget the bad week. Monday is almost here to start fresh. It's hard to really get yourself moving at that particular moment but once you do it's a piece of cake and you will be pleased you did. You have to make yourself do it and not let your mind take over. You can do it Kim! Like the cartoon animals from that movie say, "we like to move it, move it!"

  8. It's good to be honest with yourself - harder to be honest with a Sista. But you did both. Good job!

    This week will be better - I just know it! I would love to get a scale that measures more than just weight - but I'll have to do some research and get the most bang for my buck (since I don't have a lot of bucks to work with! LOL)

  9. Your accountability is crazy awesome. If you are going to oscillate with gaining and losing in your process keep it tight and don't gain too much. One pound should not be enough weight to send you into a downward spiral. Good luck kicking ass this week. Drink that WATER, eat good food, and watch out for black eyes with bouncing bewbies (I bet you will get your exercise in).

  10. You're doing really good. I had trouble with cutting out soda too. I've been good usually, then have my slip ups. I'm like you, I dont want to food journal log my bad days! haha Keep up the good work! <3

  11. Each day is a fresh start my dear! You do not have to apologize for anything and you most certainly do not SUCK!! You are on one of the most difficult journeys of your life and need to know that there will be good and bad days. BUT I'm always here for you!! xxoo

  12. I think we all had a tough week. Don't beat yourself up, just move on. Onward and upward (well, not the scale moving upward!). You can do this, girl!!

  13. sooo, as i go around and read the mamvation monday posts.... it is horrible of me to be glad i am not the only one who had a sucky week?
    i love you and this week we will get back on it!!

    you are just awesome, love seeing your face come across my tweetdeck.

  14. Keep up the good work - you're moving, cutting things out of your diet, and making a conscious effort to improve! Being accountable to ups and downs is important! Trust me - I think we all know what a struggle this is - Looking forward to seeing how you rocked it next week :-) @savemoneywisely

  15. keep up the good work, we all have off times.hope you have a better week

  16. Oh, I know all about a funk, darlin! I was working on an EPIC funk last week. How about let's move on together and make sure this is a better week? If you're feeling like you're slipping back into it, tweet to me and I'll say something to snap you out of it. Sound good? HUGS!

  17. This is a new week and you can do it!

  18. I'm having a little roughness right now, we can't all be perfect all of the time. Even if you aren't trying hard all day, at least during some parts are. It is still there in your head and that is something to be proud of, dontcha think? I sure do. :)

  19. You aren't sucking! You may not be making all the choice you think you should make - but definitely NOT sucking in my eyes! (And you are so far ahead of me in the food diary arena - no suckage there, either.) So happy to see you moving more...keep at it!


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