Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet the Blogger Brittany

Brittany is so awesome & does a "Meet the Bloggers" for everyone else, so I thought that I'd do one for her. Granted, she made it easy for me & already had the questions ready to go, but it's fun to see how the questioner becomes the questionee (is that a word?). I have to give her a lot of credit for the restraint she shows in not commenting on or questioning everyone's answers. I do not have that restraint! I'm so nosy & talky that I have to put my 2 cents in!

Most of you know & love her, but for those of you who don't, I would love to introduce her to you. She is the fab person who made my site so lovely. She is a wonderful friend (when she is not torturing me). She is just a great person in general.

Meet Brittany Greer from the Greer 5.

Question 1:
Why in the world do you blog ? And what is your favorite thing about
I started blogging like everyone keep my family updated. But
thanks to a couple special ladies, I expanded on the blogging aspect. My
favorite thing about blogging is all the great friends I've met. Like
Kimlish - my kindred spirit!
Yes, I am Kimlish.

Question 2:
What is your favorite color , food and number?
Favorite Color - White
Food - Anything that is spicy but I love southern cooking!
Number - 2
I wonder, why white?

Question 3:
What kind of music do you listen to?
What don't I listen to? I'm an equal opportunity listener!
I've seen her playlist & yes she is!

Question 4:
Do you have a personal statement or motto that you live by?
There are actually several that I live by, but most recently my motto is
"In Omnia Paratus" meaning Prepared for all things.
I need to try this motto out!

Question 5:
If you could live anywhere - where would it be?
In the South of course. In a house like Forest Gump lived in. I'm talking
spiked lemonades on the front porch at noon, gossiping like southern woman
with my friends etc!
I hope I'd be one of those women. Hey, I'm from SOUTHern California!

Question 6:
If you could be from the past - which part of the past would you chose?
I loveeee history so it's always hard for me to chose. The days of the Old
West or when the greek philosophers were around. I would have loved to sit
around and talk to them all day!
You've got to love a diversified woman! Talk about 2 completely different times! I love it!

Question 7:
If you had a million dollars were told you had to live on a beautiful
island with a beautiful house with only one person in the world - who would
you pick?
Kim said I had to pick her LOL! But seriously...I would take my husband but
then my kids would be parentless. So he's gotta stay. Then I wanted to take
Derek Jeter. But the Yankees need him. So I think today I'll chose Gerard
. That would be HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!
She not only ditched me, but she took my man! She's lucky I love her!

Question 8:
Which networking site do you despise the most?
MySpace. It's lame and I'm not sure why it exists anymore - besides for
bands etc. Twitter and I have a love hate relationship for the most part.
Twitter mocks me daily.
Excuse me, I'm back on Myspace! It's quieter, for those days where you wanna be social, but not very!

Question 9:
Tell us one random thing you are thinking right now.
If I could make a pill that gives us energy and motivation I would be a
happy camper.
Wouldn't we all? I'd be one of your first customers, right? Friend discount?

Question 10:
Last but not least - what is your favorite feature on yourself?
My big booty. It's not too large but it's got great form. Comparable to
J-Lo. But my smile has always been complimented on!
Because it's lovely! (& the butt ain't bad, either)

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Peace & Love


  1. LMAO I love what you gotta say to these! And I love my music video at the end!!!!!

  2. I love Brittany. I'm not sure about her butt yet, but I'll take it under advisement. Luv ya, Britt!

  3. LMAO I love Brittany but I am re thinking this if she takes Gerard from me! Seriously? Why him! He's mine damnit. :)~


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