Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why I Love Turkey Day

I'm no history buff. I'm pretty self-centered & live in the now & what concerns me. This is partially explains my love for the wonderfully delicious Turkey Day. Why, you ask?

I was born November 23rd, 1978...TURKEY DAY!!! It may not be this year, but in 1978 it was, look it up people. (See, all about me?!)

I also love Turkey Day for the most wonderful food ever. I love turkey & stuffing & bread (screw veggies) & mashed potatoes & pumpkin pie. Sure you end up w/the worst food hangover ever, but it is soooo worth it! (Can you tell I'm a fat person living in a fat person's body? I love food!)

Family gets together, & while you love them all, you know some sort of drama will ensue. If everyone brings tasty treats, you are willing to forgive them. Non-tasty treats, then nope, you'll never forgive. Fine, maybe you'll forgive them, but you'll never forget the non-tasty treats they brought & will find a way to get even...

I hope everyone has a wonderful (drama-free) Thanksgiving.

Peace & Love!

*Cute turkey from


  1. I love the Thanksgiving Song. Actually I love anything that involves Adam Sandler!!!!

  2. That song and Adam Sandler's silly way of singing cracks me up. I like his Hanukkah one too!

    Fat person in a fat person's

  3. You are born the same year as me. I wasn't born on Turkey Day, but every few years my birthday lands on the holiday and I love it!

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Thank you, Erin! That's the nice & sucky thing about having a birfday on/around Thanksgiving, sometimes you have to share w/a holiday. Happy Belated Birfday to you too!

    Violet, I am definitely a fat person in a fat person's body!

    Brittany, of course you love the song! you're my friend! (ok, I don't love everything he does, though.)


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