Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Interview/Sell Yourself!

Hey, baby (imagine me putting my tank top strap down my shoulder)...Sell yourself! Shit, if I don't want me, who else is going to?

Yes, I had my interview yesterday, for anyone interested. The very nice gentleman interviewing me was retired Navy, which means his poker face kicked ass! Do I know how it went? Um, not exactly. I'd say it was a solid OK.

Selling myself has never been one of my best traits. You have to be around me to decide truly if you like me or not (ok or read me & decide you love me because I'm friggin awesome! hehehe).

Reasons to like me (personal &/or work related):
  • I'm loyal-I stuck with a job for almost 10 years when I was unhappy for at least 7. I'd rather be hurt than see my friends hurt (even if they're at fault for whatever). If I love you, I'd do anything I could to protect you from being hurt.
  • I'm punctual-I despise being late. It's almost enough to give me a mini panic attack!
  • I'm hard working-Ok, not always. If I enjoy what I'm doing, I do great. I'll be the best damn worker you've got!
  • I'm a people person-Yes, I know I constantly say that I'm not, but for some reason, I seem to get along well with others (I'm not going to day that everyone loves me because...)
  • I'm not a liar-I tell the truth almost always. I hate even little fibs. (Yes I have told some, but it was mostly when I was younger.) I can't stand liars. Most of the time, you end up w/5 versions of the same story because they can't remember whatever the hell they've said.
  • I have a sense of humor-Ok, not everyone gets me, but I'm funny damn it!

Ok, I'm sure there's more (jeez, I hope so) good stuff about me, but I can't think of it right now. On to the bad!

  • I'm stubborn-I'm always right (ok, mainly w/the hubby. I can admit when I'm wrong.)
  • I'm shy-Surprise! A lot of people are surprised by this because, for the most part, I can fake confident well.
  • I'm lazy-Is anyone really shocked by this?
  • I am domestically challenged-Come look at my house. Wait, no!
  • I have a shitty memory-Genetics have struck again.
  • I'm maternally challenged-I'm not the best mom, but I'm not the worst either (I love my kid, so I guess that's what matters).

I could keep going, but I'm not. The point is to sell myself.

Peace & Love


  1. just dont put your blog on your resume. lol.

    I was job hunting for over a year, and now decided to give it up and open a store! the market made me change my goals. blessing in disguise!

    I hope you get this job, or one even better, really soon!

  2. Hahahaha!! No, this will not go on a resume! Thank you! I am sooo hoping for something too!

  3. Sounds like there are plenty of reasons to hire you. Good luck!

    hate those military poker faces. hate them.

  4. I would hire you! I used to be a manager and you would impress me.

  5. Thank you Amber & Ellie. I don't know how impressive I would be, but I appreciate you saying it!


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