Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tattoo Artistes Need Love Too!

(Pronounced arteest, cuz I feel like it!)

Jason of Main Street Tattoos is my new most favoritest tattoo guy (Brandy, I said guy. You haven't worked on me, but you're my favoritest tattoo gal!)

If you're in the IE (Inland Empire, for you non-So Calers) or in the High Desert, & looking to get some ink, please visit Jason. He did my most beautimous butterfly & as you can see from the pic, he did my friend Christy's ankh. Hell, he even did a little tat for Kadi (same day I got my butterfly).

I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but he's my kind of people. Great sense of humor & he plays along. Yeah, not sure if Christy's seen the happy face we decided to put back there yet...

Main Street Tattoo 14519 Main St, Ste B, in Hesperia (760) 948-7100

Peace & Love


  1. Wish I was closer! My tattoo guy stopped working nearby and I'm not sure I want to trust anyone else!

    But now you've got my thinking tattoos...And that's never a good thing, lol!

  2. I'm gonna get "Follow me Paula" tattoo-ed on my arm. That may just score some major points, right?

  3. That's awesome Linda! That'd get her to follow you for sure!

  4. You are so funny! Where are your tattoo pics?

  5. M butterfly is on one of the earlier posts! All of my others are too old to post! They are either faded or stretched out. I need them cleaned up!

  6. Neat! I always love looking at tattoo art.

  7. When I get more, I'll post them!

  8. gosh I want a tattoo so bad but I'm such a chicken :o

  9. I could never...ever...and I mean EVER get a tattoo. Not that I think they're unsightly but because I have ZERO pain tolerance. I don't know how you all can get inked up because the thought of a needle poking me incessantly as it dyes my skin is already irking me. I need to go lay down now.


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