Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Almost Anything Goes Music Monday

Happy Monday all!

I think I finally have my playlist done (I have 4 playlists in progress, so I should be good for a couple weeks.), woo hoo! I put so much time & effort into these & I'm soo damn picky that it's almost a relief when I finish!

I was going to do show tunes for this week's Music Monday & then figured: Ya know my birfday is next week, so I'm going do the show tunes for my birfday, since I will probably enjoy them more than anyone else! Then I started going through other peoples playlists & hearing songs I've never heard before & ones that I haven't heard in years! I had so many songs going that I had to start another list and this list is still longer than usual!

It becomes hard to do these every week because I don't want to always put the same songs in a list~especially when I love soo many! I want people to start participating & letting me know some of the songs they like. I can do a Listeners' Choice playlist. Otherwise, y'all are stuck w/mine. Just to make you play with me, I may start putting crazy stuff in, & only crazy stuff! (Not really, I listen to my playlists over & over again.)

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Peace & Love


  1. Happy birfday LOL - but I did my Music Monday!! Aren't you proud!!!!

  2. by the way bad ass playlist...but couple songs make me cry...and bring good memories back and all kinds of stuff. Just RAD!

  3. Thank you! I'm so glad you like it! I hope you posted yours cuz I'm going to check now!
    It's not 'til next Mon, silly, but thank you!

  4. Yeah well I want to say Happy Birfday a week early because then I won't forget or if I do...I can't be dinged on it. LOL (something like that)

  5. It's a week from today, I can give you hell if you forget!

  6. Go shorty....It's yo birthday.
    We gonna Party like it's yo birthday.

    (Well, when it's yo birthday)


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