Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Your Opinion is Needed!

Eric wanted opinions, but I don't think I can fit it into 140 characters for Twitter. Here goes & keep in mind, I am paraphrasing.

He got money today from work for wire taken in. The wire was given to him by his stuporvisor. He told me that he wanted to get a set of pipes for the midlifecrisismobile~fairly inexpensive (they slip on). We have Xmas & M's birfday taken care of. He said that that is what he wanted, I have some money to pay bills. Ok, no problem.

I didn't realize that he was going to order the pipes TODAY. He called his bro all excited that he had the money & his bro said to come over & that they could order it & Bro would put it on his card & Eric would give him the cash for it & have it delivered there so he can help E install. Done & Done.

My sis inlaw, freaked the hell out about this. Calling him deceitful & a thief. Saying that he was hiding this from me. He explained to her where he got the money, though it wasn't her business & said that I knew & that she could call me.

There are many problems with this story in my book & I got upset with him. 1. Why does he need to put it on Bro's card? He could have waited a couple of days & put it on ours! 2. I could have ordered it for him since he's barely computer literate. 3. Why does his fam need to know any of our business? I let you all know we're broke, but I don't give you dollars & cents. Our finances one way or another aren't anyone's business. 4. They live about 7 mi away, did it really need to be delivered there? If Bro wants to help install for male-bonding, he can come over here as well.

I have more problems, but this is taking too long. What do you think? How would you have reacted. Did I have reason to get mad? I need guys & girls info, pls!

Thank you!!!

Peace & Love

*I had pulled this down last night because I was doing the same thing he was, on a bigger level.*


  1. I would've reacted the same way you did. I mean you guys talked about the money and stuff but yeah he's a guy and they just can't wait lol.

  2. I am not sure I would have reacted at all honestly. I get that it is really none of the relatives business and it would have made more sense to wait and put it on your card rather than the brother's especially if the sis-in law was going to get all involved, sounds like drama ... Sorry wish I could be of more help! LOL

  3. Thank you Brandys! Yeah, we're women & even though he wanted eveyone's opinion, he would just cast ours off cuz we're women! Dork, make it look like he really wants to hear from people. He just wants people to back him up!


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