Friday, December 4, 2009

Just Who Do They Think I Am?

According to my email, I'm a desperate man w/a little dick, with rich friends wanting to give me free money! Oh, did I say I was desperate? Scuse me, Russian chicks want to marry me!

I love how these people send these to everyone! Dating sites (which a majority think I'm a man), mail order hos (in which also think I'm a man), South African princes & rich doctors or something in England (who don't care what I am, as long as I give them my banking info).

I know spam is spam, but I think if they looked into who they were sending crap to, they might actually get some response (from others besides stupid people~yes, I can say this because I too am sometimes stupid).

There was no point to this, I just get all that crap on a daily. PSA for the day: If you're going to spam me, please send me email on how to get bigger boobs, tell me hot GUYS want me (sorry, I don't swing towards the ladies), or that you're going to send me CASH & that you DON'T need my bank info!

One more PSA for the day, since I'm feeling generous: If you call me fat in the subject line, there is no friggin way in hell that I'm even considering opening it! I'm considering punching the sender in the face instead. You can just suck it!

This has nothing to do w/anything, but I was so jazzed to hear it yesterday!

Peace & Love


  1. Of course I am skipping right to the video. LOL! That is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE '60s songs ever. I remember the first time my Dad exposed me to it. It was like a religious experience.

  2. They very rarely pay attention to whom they're addressing. You are right!


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