Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Dream of a Video Camera

You know the song/saying "All I want for Xmas is my 2 front teeth"? All I want is a video camera. Not an expensive one, a Flip or a Vado would suit my needs nicely!

I just went on vacation w/my family to beautiful Arizona & would have loved to video some of it for y'all! I tried on my camera & it just sucked up too much of the memory card.

I have many crazy & wonderful people who want me to vlog (they wanna here me rant & rave in person, I guess!).

I'd love for y'all to actually see my beautimous pain in the ass-I mean daughter! I meant daughter!- And the psycho activities of my dog. And we can't miss the humor of the sleeping hubby! (Ok, he may not want me to get a video camera...)

What is it that y'all want for Xmas & why?

Ok, this is from over a year ago & technology changes quite a lot in that amount of time, but this guy is funny & I love his review!

Peace & Love

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