Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Mean Mommy by Marissa Cogley

I know this is hard to read, but M wrote this in crayon. I translated for those of you who may have problems reading Five Year Old. I have become quite adept at translating & will soon need to learn how to read Six Year Old. (You can click on her writing to enlarge.)

Here is her tale about how mean I am. I find it humorous enough on it's own, so I will not make comments to explain or defend myself. (Also, no music today. Just enjoy the story.)

I do not like the way you treat me because I don't like the way you treat me because I do like the...
You make me tell you what I want to have for breakfast & you make me pick up the toys by myself.
And the other thing I do not like the most the way you yell at me & you yell at me to do stuff just for you & I do not like it.
And I do not like the way you hit me because you smack on purpose & send me to my room.
And I do not like the way you me because and you not not make me eat stuff that I do not want to eat.

And she does not let me look at her book.

Enjoy your kids. Especially the smart(ass) ones. They'll be the ones paying for your retirement!

Peace & Love


  1. Oh good Lord. LOL! Save those to rub in her face one day when you are paying for her car, or college, or bailing her out of jail! LOL. Just teasing about the jail part. :)

  2. Snort. Save that. It'll come back to haunt her someday.

  3. My kid may be a great writer one day. I have a book from her before she was famous...& could use spell check. She's part me & part her dad. We could use this for when she brings home her dates &/or when bailing her out of jail. ; )

  4. Awwwe...that's just her way of saying mommy I love you and thanks for looking out for me!!!


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