Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well, We Already Knew There Was Something Wrong W/Me...

But usually people tend to think it's my head (you read it correctly). In fact, my hubby questions my sanity on a weekly basis (hey, I hide the craziness well enough that he doesn't feel the need to check daily).

Ok, now picture all the fat women you see on tv. They complain that they can't lose weight (while shoving a piece of cake in their face-mmmm, cake. Oops, sorry!) & say they have a thyroid problem.

(Now here is where my sanity is called into question.) I am one of the few who can now say this truthfully and I am soooo friggin happy about it! I am relieved! I was diagnosed today with Hashimoto's disease & unlike normal people who would probably be in tears (normal can be so overrated ; p )I am actually thrilled!

Yes, it sucks that I will be on meds for the rest of my life (unless there is some medical breakthrough), but I have been continuously putting on weight for the last year. The number on the scale never goes down, only up & it has killed what little self confidence I may have had. Now I have a reason for it, besides me being a lazy, fatass.

For some reason, I have an Xmas song in my head, but I won't do that to you...

Peace & Love & before I forget: Happy Hump Day


  1. but i like that song. is that so wrong?


  2. The Humpty Dance? No, it's not wrong. I was giggling while it was playing before I posted it!


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