Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Edition: The Weekend Report

The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer has come & gone...

Here's my version of the walk (cuz you know it's different than everyone else's.):

I was a superstar! I walked all 39.something miles! I could do another one next weekend, I feel so good! (Ha, I feel like it's Opposite Day again)

Ok, now everyone knows that's crap, but it really is an amazing thing to see that many people come out for such a good cause. Oh & the people supporting everyone else absolutely kicked ass! They absolutely help to keep the walkers going. When you're feeling down & thinking you're gonna die & you're not going to be able to finish, they're right there to pump you up & make you smile. Even if it's only for a little while, then you start to feel that way again & BOOM! there they are again, picking you right back up.

Did I finish? Hell no! Do I feel bad about it? Maybe a little. I walked the 13.whatever miles on yesterday, then did a couple miles this morning & then hit the cheering station where my bff was & called it quits. But see, here's one of the cool things. Barb was one of those awesome people cheering for everyone (& with that bee-oo-tea-full baby of hers, they were total moral boosters!). So she & I went to other cheering stations to cheer on my aunt & friend Heather (who did freaking awesome, by the way) & got to cheer on others while either waiting for them or just cheering on the peeps that came after them. So, do I feel bad? Only a little. I got to have a whole new experience with being on the other side of it as sell as the walking.

There is probably a lot more that I am leaving out, but I am sore, blistered, swollen, & tired. Maybe if you remind me later, I'll have more to tell you (if I remember).

Thank you to all of my friends & family for all the support you have given me! (A humongo thanks to those who came out, be it the walk itself, dinner, or just my hotel room. I love you all, even if you're creepy *cough* Kevin *cough*!)

I almost put Wind Beneath My Wings up, but I seem to be emotional & I can't do it. Ok, this is waaaaayyy different, but I like it ( you know how much I love the covers!).

I got 3 things from this video: 1. Damn, I want her stomach (in this video). It's perfect! 2. They put Paris's Carl's commercial in the video! (ok, it's not Paris). 3. I think I would die trying to walk(I mean really walk) in boots!

Peace, Love & Advil

Edit: So y'all know, I'm talking about my walking experience. I could have not walked a step & still have known that I did a good thing, helping to raise money for a great cause!

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  1. WTG Kim:) I'm still proud of you and glad you enjoyed both sides of the experience. Great job! It's about 4 times better than I could do! :)


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