Monday, September 7, 2009

My Plans

Ok, the verdict is still out, but I put the question out there about the possibility of me starting another blog. Yes, it's mostly for me, but if I'm putting it out there, it'd be nice if other people read it~especially with what I plan on doing. I was thinking about starting next week, but it's not ready & it would be a daily. I was thinking of calling it Diary of a Mad Fat Woman or something like that. I haven't looked into names or anything, so I don't know if that's taken or not. I'm a short, excuse me, fun-sized woman w/fat, um, king-sized body. If I do this, I'd lay everything out there, which is scary. Everyone says to write everything down. If I have to do it for only me, then it sure as hell is not going to happen. I know myself, what can I say?


Peace & Love

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  1. Do it sista!!! Or me and you could start one together that nobody reads about how we feel - private thoughts type of thing!!!??? =)


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