Wednesday, September 16, 2009

D-Nile, A Suburb of Crazy Town...

(This is where I am living, happily, today!)

So, we bring you back you you regularly scheduled program! What is that, you may ask...well, fuck if I know (ooooh, I said a bad word!). I didn't like the vibe of yesterday's post so I needed to update. I have a plan. Anyone who wants to help, I'd appreciate it.

Ok, here it is...First, I need a plastic surgeon. I need them to take about 80 lbs off my little frame & flatten my tummy. (A trainer can come later, I'm in a hurry here.) Then I need some absolutely fab clothes! Then I need that movie, you know the one where the guy sells his wife for $1 million for the night. (Someone get on that, will ya?) Then we need someone to restrain my hubby to make him watch that several times, so then he'll think it was his idea...

I plan on taking him to a casino & letting someone have him for the night (for a fee, of course). You didn't think I'd actually do this myself, did you? No! Sometimes a girl just wants to feel pretty.

Humor, Nature's bigger picker upper. Love you guys!

This is just because I think she did an a-friggin-mazing job!

Peace & Love

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  1. LOL :) I love it. Great idea! E will never know what hit him. Hey lets try a 2-for-1 special when you find the plastic surgeon, ok?


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