Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There Is a Leak...

...In my bank account & now there seems to be a problem with my dryer AND washer!
Isn't it always the way? You're short on funds (everything almost completely maxed out) & everything just decides to take a shit. It can't be little things like a blowdryer (which I rarely use). Noooo, it has to be something that I actually have to use on a regular or everyone in my house will be stinky & dirty.
I need to find a cork to stop that leak & get a magical washer/dryer that kicks ass & never breaks down. Hey, if I'm getting a magical washer & dryer, why can't my laundry just be magically cleaned & folded & put away?

Is that drool-worthy or what? Bee-oo-tee-full Frigidaire!

Let's follow the bouncing ball of my train of thought: Leak>There's a Hole In the Bottom of the Sea>Danny Kaye>The Court Jester. See, simple. And it makes me happy!

Peace, Love, & Clean Clothes

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