Friday, March 20, 2009

Why it's Good to Have an Electrician in the House

This, my dear friends, is my 5 year old's science project. My hubby (the electrician) made her a homemade flashlight using 4 AAs, some wire, a mini light bulb, & the switch from one of his old RC cars(more appropriate for an older student's project, but hey, it still kicks ass!). Ok, so the project was due yesterday (when he did it), but he felt she still needed a project to bring in today.
Here's what she & I learned: Direct current amperage flows from negative to positive (or positive to negative).
What I learned: He is going to be helping w/the rest of her science projects for the rest of her school days!
Ok, there are other reasons why it's good to have an electrician in the house:
  • Can put a fan up where there was nothing
  • He can move plugs around
  • He can attach our tv to the wall without having wires show & have the working Dvd player across the room.
  • He can change ugly plugs & switches with pretty ones with no problems
  • He can explain to me all the things that I don't understand (about electicity~as my eyes glaze over)

I hope you all have a great Friday & a wonderful weekend! I'm off to attempt to study!

Peace & Love


  1. you should have put high voltage as your utube video, but i get the dirty deeds reference anyways cuz that's how we nerds think alike :) thibwrat1978

  2. I'm not much into AC/DC, but I like Dirty Deeds.


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