Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random thoughts

While sitting in class last night (when I should have probably been listening) I had these thoughts:
  • Marriage is contagious & going around~Congrats to Tricia & Steve & to my nephew Adam & his new fiance Crystal. Screw Valentine's Day, this last weekend seemed to be the time to become engaged (or to share w/the family).
  • I have severe problems keeping my goals.
  • Twitter is evil (see above).
  • Man, this lady's perfume is killing me! Why women love the floral perfumes is beyond me & why they feel the need to pour it on just plain kills me!
  • I'm thirsty...If I get up now, will someone steal my seat?
  • Am I the only tattooed person here?
  • It seems like these people are a bunch of cheerleaders, they are so perky...Why did they think I'd fit in?
  • Wow, I need to get my nails done.
  • These chairs are uncomfortable.
  • What should I be doing tomorrow?
  • Are we going to reschedule our Passion Party?
  • Wonder what Eric & M are doing?
  • I want some M&M's.

I don't know why I can't get anything accomplished. As you can see, I am completely focused in all that I do.

Peace & Love

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