Sunday, March 22, 2009

Foot in Mouth Disease

Foot in Mouth Disease: A most terrible disease which causes you to say inappropriate &/or hurtful things. May cause extreme anger in the people around you &/or loss of friends. Possible cures are pen & paper or the Internet.

I believe I may have this horrible disease & that is why I love the Internet & email. It gives me a chance to edit (censor) my thoughts (ok, it doesn't always work) & what I put out there. If I'm writing an email & I just write something that I think is funny, I can go back & read it before sending. Not everyone gets my sense of humor & I have said many things that can be construed (my big word of the day!) as hurtful. Unfortunately, I don't always review what I wrote, but hey, at least I have the chance.

Anyone who happens to talk to me in person~Sorry! It's not me, it's the disease!

Ok, this song doesn't exactly fit here, but I love some of the awful things he says!
Peace & Love

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