Sunday, March 15, 2009

Counting Down Until Momma's Monsters Go Home

Hooray for Sunday! Today is the day my parents are back from vacation & coming to pick up their little beasts of destruction (ok, they're 2 wienerdogs). For anyone who may have missed it, here is a list of their infractions (most of which done in the first 3 days of their visit).

  • Pee on the sliding glass door (within the first 5 min. of being here)

  • Pee on the carpet (also within the first 5 min.)

  • Pee on the couch (twice now!)

  • Pee/poop in my daughter's bathroom

  • Peeing/pooping several more times in my house

  • My slider's drape & rod ripped out of the wall

  • One of the little monsters proceeded to the shit on that same drape~twice

  • Trying to dig to China in my carpet

  • Trying to eat his way out of my kitchen to the outside world...through my kitchen wall

I love my parents, but I don't think we'll be puppysitting again. I just don't think my poor house can take anymore!

Peace & Love.

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