Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sometimes Life Just Gets in the Way

I always have the best of intentions. I plan on spending time on a blog, looking for a job, doing my online studying, but it seems that something always seems to come up. We have to go to Target, go to the in-laws, we have psycho dogs terrorizing our house, or play on Twitter or Facebook, etc...

Does anything that I had wanted to do get done? No. There are loads of laundry waiting to be done, bathrooms that need to be cleaned & a computer class just calling my name, telling me I need to get my ass in gear. What am I doing? I'm writing instead.

Someone needs to teach me how to make a schedule & stick to it. I want to get everything done, but it always seems that there is something else to do (Damn you, Pirates!)

I am going to make it my goal (for the month) to try to stick to a schedule. I know I will feel like a better person for it.

My goal list for tomorrow:
  • Study-I want to get through at least 3 chapters (I was gonna say 4, but lets keep it realistic).
  • Work on this blog to try to make it better
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Pirates of the Caribbean (Hey, I must do what is on the list!)

I'm trying to start off small & hopefully I can accomplish these things & work at growing to be a better person. Wish me luck!

Peace & Love.

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