Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holy Crap I'm Behind!

Well hello, & thank you for joining me for this week's episode of Where the Hell is My Head?! Our contestant this week is a 30 year old, house wife (-ish type person) from the High Desert. Let's give a warm round of applause for Kimberly Cogley! Ah welcome, Kimberly! Kim, please. Welcome Kim. Would you like to tell us a little about yourself? Well John (yes, my inner announcer's name is John), like you said, I'm 30 years old. I've been married for 8 years & have a 5 year old daughter. My turn-ons are...(Just kidding.) Well Kim, here are the rules: You will have multiple choice questions. Your goal is to get as many answered correctly in the next minute as you possibly can. Are you ready to get started? I'm ready John!

What do you think you did yesterday?
a) Laundry
b) Work
c) Cleaned the house
d) Sat in traffic
e) What day was yesterday?
Um...e) What day was yesterday? That is correct! Great job Kim!

When you watched Wall-E on Sunday, what were your thoughts?
a) I watched Wall-E?
b) cute!
c) How many teeth do I have?
d) If those people are so fat that they can't get out of their chairs, where the hell do all those babies come from?!
It was d)! Absolutely D! Where did those babies come from? You are doing great!

When was the last time you talked to your grandmother?
a) A couple weeks ago. not too long.
b) Oh crap, Mother's Day was a month ago? No wonder she was upset w/me!
c) Last week. I call every week
Err...b) Oh crap, Mother's Day was a month ago? Right again!

What did you do on Monday & why?
a) Tarjay~needed groceries
b) Made a cake~hubby's birfday
c) Went out to dinner~hubby's birfday (for anyone who doesn't know, I do know how to spell birthday)
d) Yelled at my kid~her evil was showing
e) All of the above
I know, it was a) We went to Tarjay! I'm sorry, but that is incorrect. But we did! The correct answer is d) all of the above...

I'm sure y'all see where this is going. I'm not completely losing my mind (I'm not crazy, I just play one on tv), I was just giving you a little sneak peek into my mind again. It's sad to say that every once in a while, this is what it looks like.

First, I'd like to give a Happy Belated Birfday to my wonderful (he doesn't read this, but just in case) hubby. He just turned the big 40 on Monday. He got a mid-life crisis...I mean motorcycle for his birfday. As long as it's not a younger woman, this mid-life crisis works for me!

For those of you who have already donated for my walk, I thank you! I'm already a little over 1/2 way there!

My puppy has taken to peeing on the carpet out of nowhere. What the hell happened there? (Ha ha, I'm a poet!) She's gone almost 2 days without doing it again, so maybe she's done.

Since my mind seems to be all over the place ( & I love this movie!) today, I'm gonna leave you with this:

Peace & Love

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  1. You crack me up! I just love your inner announcer!


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