Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Circus is Back in Town!

Come one, come all!, to the bitchiest circus in town! First we've got the chain-smoking hyena! And don't miss the snot-shooting monkeys! Finally, we've got the acrobatic Roses for your viewing pleasure...

If you can't guess, then I'll help you out: I'm sick. & yes, it appears I hear the voices in my head even when I'm sick! Also, I am going on 3 days without a cigarette (if you don't get the Roses reference, you are either too young to be around me right now or need to go watch War of the Roses-yes, I know there was also a book, but I haven't read it.), & I sound like the chain smoker that I am not (especially when I laugh). I am just so friggin pleasant to be around right now.

Just a little update, there are 2 more weeks to be entered into the Timeshare Raffle! I'm a little over halfway to my goal & can really use your help! Please people, it's for a fabulous cause. Let's help to save all of our boobies from cancer! I know money is tight for everyone right now. Even if you aren't able to give enough to get you entered into the raffle, every little bit helps! And if you email me w/your info, I will send you a little something special. kimberlycogley@yahoo.com

Ok, I'm starting to get all spacey again. So here's a video I like because they are nerdy sexy guys (& I happen to like the song) & I can do what I want, so nah! *sticking my tongue out*

Peace, Love & Dayquil

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