Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've Been Told to Blog!

I wonder if this person just wants me away from Facebook. (Yes Sheri, I'm talking 'bout you! Heehee.) Workin, workin, workin...I should be workin (rawhide!)...but I'm not. I am here instead. I need to bring an audio recorder w/me when I drive. I had a blog planned out on the way to drop my daughter off at school & now I can't remember what it was about. It's gone. Completely.

I remember wanting to ask for donations (hint, hint) & if people were feeling generous & still had money left, wanting them to donate to a friend who is doing a Relay For Life.

I remember wanting to plug the Jack & Stench Show on CRN (fun & funny!). If you listen online (live) you can play on the chat board & see them through their webcam!

I remember wanting to plug Soap Blok soaps (which I adore, along with the person who makes them). If you go to her page on Facebook, you can ask her about ordering. If you donate to my wonderful cause, I have some fantabulous soaps, lotions, & lip balms that I will send you, but ONLY if you email me with your info! Come on, people! Donate & smell yummy! Just kidding, no pressure.

I remember a convo I had this morning about wanting to limit my Starbucks intake to once a week & the possibility of quitting the smoking very soon (I'm not definite on the smoking, so please don't cheer me on just yet or give me any shit about it).

Getting older sucks! I talked to my brother yesterday & he was so excited cuz he thought he was turning 40 this year & a friend told him he was only going to be 39. He will only be 39. (Yes, my family is full of dorks. blood-related or not, it still runs in the family!) My cousin & a good friend just turned 30 within the last few days (Welcome to old age, guys!).

My 5 year old daughter sings the Pony song. (Yes, I'm up for mom of the year.) "Mom, what does hardy (she doesn't realize they're saying horny) mean?" "Baby, that's one I'll have to explain to you when you're older & you do NOT sing that song outside of the car, got it?!" Mom of the freakin' year, I tells ya! I need a tee-shirt made.

I'm starting to remember my blog! It had a circus ring master! And a thing, & another thing!

Penguins won the Stanley Cup on Friday! The hubby was jazzed since that's where he's from. I was jazzed because it gave me the chance to harrass one of my friends (Just one of the perks of being my friend!)

I discovered the joy of paying bills with Bill Pay through the bank (yes, it took me long enough). I looove it! I may start paying my bills on time! Thank you Bill Pay(imagine a pic of me w/my thumb up)!

I can't wait for the weekend so I can see some good friends for a gradumation party. (Congratulations Christy on gradumating! I think Tricia gradumated, too, so congratulations to her too!) It'll be a blast!

Peace & Love (& Starbucks for the rest of the week!)

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