Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Almost Friday Already!

So far it's been a pretty great week for me. I've still spent way too much time on Facebook & Twitter, got some naps in (pms is a real bitch!), & played more on the computer than I should have, but I've been semi-productive too!

As you can see, I've pertified my blog (not that the Poshpreneur didn't make it lovely before) by myself & made it just a little more me. (It took me over an hour to get the color scheme just right.)

I'm working to help save my bff money every month (I hope we can help her!). By doing so, I'm also getting in more training. Did I mention that I passed my test last week? In about a week I will be licensed to sell life insurance. I passed my debt certification. I'm doing all this to try to help people save money now & help them learn to save for the future (especially since we all know that by the time we're ready for Social Security, it'll be a thing of the past).

I got buttloads of laundry folded & put away (yes, my life is oh so exciting!)

I managed to find someone to take not only my kid (for the next 13 or so years), but 2 of Brittany's along with both of our husbands! We hope to go on vacation to some beach w/drinks that have those cute little umbrellas with the proceeds. (My fantasy world is great. As I told a friend, most people dream about hot chicks or men, but I dream of selling a cranky hubby & 5 yr old.)

I nearly fell asleep in class on Tuesday (it's not that it wasn't interesting, cuz it was. I was just having major problems keeping my eyes open!

I got to look at amazing pics of my embarrassing crush. Ahhhhhh...

And it's only Thursday!

Tomorrow should be interesting~it's Pet Day at school. We'll see how our 4 month old puppy (Haley) does. Wish me luck because I'm sure I'll need it!

I absolutely looooove me some Tori!

Peace & Love

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  1. I have great fantasies too...I can feel the sun and taste our wonderful drinks. Love you to pieces Kim!


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