Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring in the High Desert

I don't know if I've mentioned that I moved to the High Desert from Ontario. In Ontario (not really all that far from here), there are no definite seasons, & growing up there I never noticed or cared. I moved to the high desert in the beginning of fall. The trees were in full bloom with leaves & fruit, the roses blossomed & the grape vines had grapes (yes, I have grapevines). It started to cool down & I watched my leave-covered trees grow nekkid & my grapevines start to die (by all appearances).

As I have been watching (damn, I wish I had pics, but I'm just too damn lazy), I've been watching the leaves start to come back & flowers start to blossom again. My grapevines have come back from the dead (I don't know anything about grapevines & I assumed they were dead).

I have never realized how much I truly love seasons. It is a beautiful & amazing thing to watch. I have been busier than usual, but whenever I go outside, I always take a minute (or however long it takes me to smoke) to check out all the new happenings.

When I started working & they asked me about goals & the possibility of getting my dream home. I told them I have my dream home. Yes, it gets hotter than hell here in the summer, but it really is beautiful here.

Wow, I feel like an ad for the High Desert. Move here~where you can get actual seasons in sunny California!

Sorry, I just haven't heard this song in forever! Another thing that I didn't know I missed!

Peace & Love

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